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BIRT PMC Minutes - Monday, January 14, 2008

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Monday, January 14, 2008 @ 10am Pacific.


Meeting Logistics

Due to the MLK Holiday in the USA, the next PMC meeting will be Monday, January 28th, 2008.

BIRT 2.2.2 Development

The Development plan for BIRT 2.2.2 has been posted in the Development Plan area of the web site.

We have incorporated fixes for a number of bugs reported by testers and currently plan to freeze this code base as a Release Candidate at the end of January. Originally, we had planned to formally release 2.2.2 earlier, so that the community had access to the final build. However, since we are now close to the Europa Winter Release we will hold the formal release until then. We do not anticipate any code changes between the RC build and the final release.

General Information

BIRT 2.2.2 is the second maintenance release in the BIRT 2.2 release series. The 2.2.2 release is focused on addressing critical bugs identified by the community. BIRT 2.2.2 is part of the Europa Coordinated Maintenance Release.

The Development Plan for BIRT 2.2.2 is available on the Eclipse BIRT Project Development Plan pages.

For a list of bugs assigned to the release, refer to Bugzilla: BIRT 2.2.2 Assigned Bugs in Bugzilla

BIRT 2.3 Development

BIRT 2.3 M4 has been released. This milestone is focused on bug fixing and underlying development work for the new capabilities in the release -- no new features are available for testing yet. The M5 release will have features visible for testing -- see Bugzilla for the detailed list.

General Information

BIRT 2.3 is the next major release of BIRT and part of the Ganymede Simultaneous Release. BIRT 2.3 is scheduled to be release in June 2008.

The Development Plan for BIRT 2.3 is available on the Eclipse BIRT Project Development Plan pages.

For a list of bugs assigned to the release, refer to Bugzilla: BIRT 2.3 Assigned Bugs in Bugzilla.

Project Membership

As always, the BIRT Project is open to new contributions and membership. For details on how to controbute to the project, refer to the How to Contribute to the BIRT Project page.

BIRT @ EclipseCon

BIRT is well represented at EclipseCon 2008, with 10 sessions that include some BIRT content.

We discussed also hosting some Focus Groups to explore specific areas of feedback for the BIRT project.

Build Retention

Currently, we are retaining Nightly Builds until we run out of space, then purging all old builds and starting the cycle again. This leads to unpredictability for how long a given Nightly Build will be available - which is an issue from the community who want to test a specific build.

Going forward, the plan is to retain the last 20 Nightly Builds on a rolling basis. As a new build is added, the 21st oldest build will be deleted. If this gives us some disk space capacity issues, we will request more space from the EMO.


EclipseCon 2008 on March 17-20, 2008 - Santa Clara, California - 10 Sessions on BIRT!


New article:

An Introduction to the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools by Jason Weathersby - December, 2008 - InfoQ

Full list of articles can be found on the Wiki page for BIRT Project Articles.

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