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BIRT 2.2 on Websphere

Download one of the following:

The only version that we have managed to fix to work on WAS is 2.2M2



Do the following to get it running on Linux

gunzip birt-report-designer-all-in-one-linux-gtk-2.2M2.tar.gz

tar xvf birt-report-designer-all-in-one-linux-gtk-2.2M2.tar

chmod +x eclipse/eclipse


Create a BIRT Web Project

Click File, New, Project and select BIRT Web Project


Add Web Project to the EAR

Fill in the Project name:

Select the BIRT Reporting Web Project Configuration

and check the Add project to an EAR box


Click next till you get to the BIRT Configuration page and delete all the folder settings


Click Finish

Create the logs and report/images directories. These need to contain a file - the file can be empty as the readme.txt files I have shown here are - so that WAS will create the directories when the EAR is deployed


Export the EAR


Change the WAR's Class loader mode to Parent Last


and test the following URL


and you should see the following!


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