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BIRT2.2 Rampdown Policy

Ramp Down Policy for BIRT 2.2

Purpose : This document describes a set of ramp down rules for the BIRT 2.2 Release. The Builds and Release decisions occurs on the dates listed for each Release Candidate

May 18 : BIRT 2.2 RCO

Through May 16, Testing and Fix pass. Thursday May 17 : BIRT 2.2 RCO Candidate build Thursday May 17 until Friday May 18 : RCO Candidate testing

No RC1 Build is planned

May 31: BIRT 2.2 RC2

Friday May 18 through Tuesday May 29 Testing and Fix Pass. All Bug fixes must be approved by a Project Lead. Wednesday May 30: BIRT 2.2 RC2 Candidate build Wednesday May 30 until Thursday May 31: RC2 Candidate testing

June 14: BIRT 2.2 RC3

Thursday May 31 through Tuesday June 12 Testing and Fix pass. All Bug fixes must be approved by at least two Project Leads.. Wednesday June 13: BIRT 2.2 RC3 Candidate build Wednesday June 13: until Thursday June 14: RC3 Candidate testing

June 21: BIRT 2.2 RC4

Thursday June 14 through Tuesday June 19 Testing and Fix pass. All Bug fixes must be approved by the at least two project leads and BIRT PMC Wednesday June 19: BIRT 2.2 RC4 Candidate build Wednesday June 19 until Thursday June 21: RC4 Candidate testing

Post BIRT BIRT 2.2 RC4 through Europa Release

Thursday June 21 until Friday June 29 (Europa Release): Testing Pass

Additional RC Builds will be scheduled as necessary

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