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Axis2 Integration meeting - March 28, 2007

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - March 28, 2007


  • Kathy Chan
  • Lahiru Sandakith


  • Progress on submitted RFEs:
    • KC: Legal is still processing [CQ 1373]. They might still need a couple more week. We've already mentioned this situation in last week's WTP status meeting and got the OK from PMC members on dropping this beyond WTP 2.0 M6.
    • LS: [Attachment 62215] in [bug 168765] has the latest fixes to date. Still looking at [bug 177409], the Java core dump problem.
  • Contribution to documentation on Axis2 support in WTP.
    • KC: I'm always getting the same stack trace with LogFactoryImpl.createLogFromClass. I'll try again with Sun 1.5 JDK rather than using the IBM one.
    • LS: I've been using Sun JDK 1.5.0_06. With try Sun JDK 1.5.0_11. I only got OutOfMemory problem. Never a Java core dump.
    • KC: Need to get the UI pages as close to finalize as possible because we need to provide TVT test cases when we make the Axis2 Web service function available on WTP. I'll make a drop when the function is checked into CVS. The last translation drop is 04/24.
    • KC: Reminder that we need tutorial by next week and document contribution by RC1.
    • LS: Yep. Will have tutorial by M6 and will send documentation to Kate Price later for RC1.

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