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Axis2 Integration meeting - Jan 25, 2007

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - Jan 25, 2007


  • Chris Brealey
  • Kathy Chan
  • Lahiru Sandakith


  • Progress on adding Axis2 runtime to Web services wizards.
    • KC: With latest drops, I was able to add code to a skeleton, and Axis2 seemed to pick up the change.
    • LH: I got the same behaviour. It seems as though the first time the build path is changed, the JDT builder cleans up the output path (including meta-inf). On subsequent rebuilds (leaving the build path as-is), the JDT builder doees not clean up things it shouldn't.
    • KC: We cannot target multiple output folders.
    • LH: I'll explore Axis2 to see what our options are.
    • KC: I've tried client. I can get thru the wizard, but it doesn't actually do much. There is quite a bit of commented-out code.
    • LH: Was trying to introduce another page into the client scenario, but it isn't showing up.
    • KC: We'll debug it together offline.
    • LH: I have a test plugin to attach, and will do so today / this evening.
    • KC: There is a funky graphic on the first page of the wizard. Have you seen this?
    • LH: Nope, haven't seen it.
    • KC: Browse button for services.xml searches the filesystem, not the workspace. It should search the workspace. As a general rule, interaction outside of the workspace - meaning the filesystem - should be limited to import/export wizards.
    • KC: There are lots of knobs in top-down. Are they functional?
    • LH: They are.
    • KC: There are a few code changes (as bug fixes) necessary to get bundle locations properly. I've sent you some info.
    • KC: We'll start using the Eclipse bugzilla to track problems.
  • Discuss any issues with initial contribution. How are we handling subsequent contributions.
    • CB: Today, I'll copy the latest attachments from our RFE(s) to the contribution questionnaire in IPZilla. It should take about two weeks to get approval from Eclipse Legal to commit the code, assuming no pedigree issues are found.
  • Documentation for Axis2 functions in WTP.
    • KC: I've sent Lahiru a skeleton documentation plugin. At minimum, we need docs to explain "how to". Beyond that, it's helpful if the docs explain more about Axis2 functionality.
    • LH: I'll talk with Sanjiva about this, but we should be able to provide at least something minimal.
    • CB: Kathy, please open an RFE to track this. We'll work with WTP PMC on a reasonable target date which could be post M6 (not certain though).
  • Schedule
    • KC: For now, we'll leave 168765 (target external Axis2) against M5. It may yet move to M6.
  • Design doc
    • LH: Desing document is under way.
  • Test plan
    • KC: We need to cover testing of Axis2 Web services plugins in our M5 and M6 test plans, via manual and JUnit.
    • LH: Is there a way to plug JUnits into an automated build?
    • CB: Yes.
  • Frequency of regular meetings.
    • KC: Meetings: Let's go back to every other week now that we could cover a lot of day-to-day stuff via IM and emails. We won't have one next Thursday but will have one on Feb 8.
  • EclipseCon 2007.
    • LH: EclipseCon: Don't know yet if I will be attending.
    • KC: If you have an EclipseZilla ID, I'll add you as a co-presenter to the demo..

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