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Axis2 Integration meeting - Jan 11, 2007

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - Jan 11, 2007


  • Chris Brealey <>
  • Kathy Chan <>
  • Lahiru Sandakith <>


  • Progress on adding Axis2 runtime to Web services wizards.
    • LH: Uploaded a patch with Axis2 creation UI. Uses a plugin containing Axis2 jars. Had trouble attaching the Axis2 plugin (too big).
    • KC: Send a zip with the plugin without the Axis2 jars and list which Axis2 JARs we need to put in the plugin. We can get the Axis2 jars ourselves from Apache.
    • LH: Bottom-up scenario working:
      • Select class and Axis2 runtime, then Finish (or Next).
      • Axis2 jars are copied into web-inf/lib.
      • Axis2 emitters generate code into an exploded aar under web-inf.
      • Then normal server startup and WSE pages come up.
    • LH: Tested Tomcat 4.1 on JDK 1.4.2 and Tomcat 5.5 on JDK 1.5.
    • KC: I'll try the patch and review the code.
    • LH: Still working on Top-down. Should be available early next week.
    • LH: Top-down has several data binding strategies. Planning to include Axis Data Binding (ADB) and XML Beans. Other bindings might come later. Axis2 is extensible wrt bindings.
    • LH: After bottom-up and top-down, I'll work on client scenario, preference and letting user point to Axis2 install location.
    • LH: Getting a "resource out of sync" condition during Tomcat deployment.
      • KC: It's because the Axis2 emitter is driven against the file system, not using Eclipse resource API. Should drive the Axis2 emitter against a temporary directory and then use Eclipse resource API to copy the generated files into the workspace, respecting the resource management preferences. Check out Java2WSDLCommand and WSDL2JavaCommand. I'll send more details.
    • LH: Some questions on getting at workspaces, checking if it's Web projects, etc.
      • KC: We have several "Utils" classes with handy methods to identify workspaces, Web projects, etc. Check out ResourceUtils, J2EEUtils and ServerUtils. I'll send a note with details.
    • LH: Need help with adding facet.
  • Review milestone targets for requirements as documented in Requirements document for Axis2 Integration in WTP.
    • CB: In general, we need to allow about a month to get code into a milestone. Therefore, Jan. 24 (Wed) should be considered the cutoff for code to be included in M5. Anything beyond that will land in M6.
    • CB: In the schedule, we need to change the target milestone for RFEs 168766 (Add Axis2 facet) and 168937 (Support import AAR) from M5 to M6.
  • Design docs.
    • KC: Please fill in design docs Design document for Axis2 Integration in WTP.
    • CB: Traditionally, our design docs cover at least four topics:
      • Requirements.
      • External (observable) GUI behaviour.
      • Public API, if any.
      • Significant internal design information.
    • CB: We've documented requirements (#1) already, albeit lightly, so can skip that. External GUI behaviour (#2) is the most important thing to document, since it will give us all a consise written description of intended behaviour to agree on, debate, refine, etc.; as well as a description against which to design test suites.
    • LH: Will fill in design doc and put in screen shots in stages.
  • Questions about legal aspects of contributing code to Eclipse WTP?
  • EclispeCon 2007 short talk and demo on creating Axis2 Web services?
    • KC: Long talk on Axis2 was declined. We only have one long talk accepted - An intro to Web services tools in WTP. We can fold some Axis2 coverage into it.
    • KC: Lahiru and I will submit a demo proposal for Axis2 Web services
  • LH: Should testcases be in seperate plugin?
    • KC: JUnits go into separate plugins.
    • LH: Are there tests that drive the lifecycle of Axis 1.x Web service creation?
    • KC: Yes, we just checked in some JUnits for this in They could be copied and altered for Axis2.

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