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Axis2 Integration meeting - Feb 8, 2007

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - Jan 25, 2007


  • Chris Brealey
  • Kathy Chan
  • Lahiru Sandakith


  • Progress on adding Axis2 runtime to Web services wizards.
    • KC: Bottom-up, top-down and client scenarios hanging together. There are still some problems with clicking Finish and end-to-end scenario. These are just defects that needs to be followed up. See RFE 172186 for detail.
    • KC: We'll do another submission to IP once the plugin re-organization is done (to move common code to core plugin rather than having similar classes in consumption.ui and creation.ui).
    • LS: The outlook is next Monday.
    • LS: Currently working on allowing user to specify external Axis2 runtime location (RFE 168765) and adding Axis2 facet (RFE 168766). Outlook for those is Feb 23.
    • LS: I'm trying to extend the server runtime install extension to handle Axis runtime install.
    • CB/KC: That's probably not the right extension to use. We'll double check with Tim Deboer to see if server runtime install is generic enough to be used for installing Axis2 runtime.
    • KC: We need to revisit the schedule for the remaining Axis2 RFEs to set more realistic target. RFE 168937, 168938, 168939 and 168764 will be move to March 15. The new schedule is now being reflected in Requirements document for Axis2 Integration in WTP.
  • Other business
    • LS: Not likely to attend EclipseCon. Therefore not submitting short talk proposal.

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