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Axis2 Integration meeting - April 25, 2007

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - April 18, 2007


  • Kathy Chan
  • Lahiru Sandakith


  • Progress on RFE, code check-in and build.
    • KC: 04/05 submission checked into CVS and released. I tried the latest WTP 2.0 build (wtp-sdk-I-I200704250815-200704250815). I'm able to run the following scenarios:
      • Install Axis2 runtime.
      • Create dynamic Web project with Axis2 facets.
      • Create bottom-up Axis2 Web service with client. Test client with J2SE application.
      • Create top-down Axis2 Web service.
      • Test top-down Axis2 Web service with WSE.
  • Updates on outstanding bugs. Prioritize for WTP 2.0 RC0, RC1 and beyond WTP 2.0.
    • KC: Need 183046 so that the user does not need to buidl axis2.war and the code behaves the same way as the tutorial.
    • LS: Will attach patch later on today. It fixes a number of problems, including 183046 and 177409 (OutOfMemory problem).
    • KC: DCUT for RC0 is 05/09. After that, bugs would likely need approval to get in.
    • LS: After first major patch to include the latest fixes in code base 04/23, will update which defect has been fixed and which one is still outstanding.
  • Updates on Axis2 tutorials.
    • KC: Need to update Copyright/license header.
    • LS: Will re-submit.
  • Updates on Axis2 documentation plugins.
    • KC: Need something for RC0. At least explain how to install Axis2 runtime, add facet and what the various pages are for. Will open bug.
    • LS: Will get something for RC0.
  • Updates on Axis2 FVT plan.
    • KC: Need some FVT plan to test the Axis2 functionality. Need this before 05/11. FVT for RC0 will happen 05/14 to 05/16.
    • LS: Will try to get help within company to help.
  • Updates on Axis2 design doc.
    • KC: We'll need the Axis2 design to be documented so that a FVT plan can be written against it.
    • LS: Yes, will work on that first before FVT plan.

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