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Auto IWG WP3

WP3: CDT Extensions

This is work package 3 of the Automotive Industry Working Group.

  • WP Lead: Continental (I. Garro)

The development of embedded systems in the automotive area has additional requirements to CDT that will be collected, analyzed and supported from this working group. Features that will eventually be covered here are:

  • Binary Parsing, Memory parsing
  • Make extensions, generic compiler support
  • Better support for C
  • Static Analysis
  • Profiler Support
  • C-Unit Support


In addition to the list of frequently used components, the working group also identified a list of topics that should be addressed in future distributions:

  • Broad support of MISRA-C in the components
  • Target Device emulation / Simulation
  • Strategy for a model repository / distributed collaboration aspects
  • Support for Component testing and Code Coverage Analysis
  • Full Debugger Support
  • Build management support
  • C preprosessor enhancement
  • Product line support / Variant management.
  • C metamodel that includes preprocessor statements.
  • C++ (ANSI-C++ and/or embedded specific dialects like Extended Embedded C++ )

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