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Attribute Request Analysis


Given a set of requested attributes, RA, compute the smallest set B possible where each member of B is an instance of the following:

     URI attribute
     boolean optional
     string issuers[]
   entityId sourcePerson[]

Each block has basically says "for these N attributes we have found M alternative source Persons". Of course we should read all of the N attributes from only a single Person, but at this point we don't know which of the M Persons to choose.

The goal is to have as few blocks as possible and thus as MANY members of the requested-attributes set as possible. However, to include the N attributes with the M Persons the following conditions need to hold:

  1. The p:issuer value of the Context of the Person must be listed on the requested attribute's list of acceptable (trusted) issuers
  2. The Person's time duration (h:start..h:end) must cover the effective dateTime of this call
  3. The Person must have the requested attribute.
  4. The Person's role(s) must have the best match (compared to other candidate Persons) with the role(s) of the requested attribute


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