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Archiving the Monitoring Tools Project

Archiving the Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Monitoring Tools sub-Project

Created by Eugene Chan

Project Description

  • Eclipse Project: tptp.monitoring
  • The Monitoring Tools Project is a sub project in the Eclipse TPTP Top-Level Project, it addresses the monitoring and logging phases of the application lifecycle. The Monitoring Tools Project provides frameworks for building monitoring tools by extending the TPTP Platform. The framework has the capability of collecting and analyzing system and application resources.

Reason for Termination (Archive)

  • Project reached its mature stage.
  • No further plan of enhancement and defect fixes in the sub project.
  • Lack of interest and investment on the Project for further enhancement.

Termination/Archive Plan Overview

  • Notify the community about project shutdown and provide a timeline of feedback.
  • De-committerize project committers.
  • Shut down
  • Archive


  • Mailing list
    • Send out the last posting announcing the project shutdown.
    • Remove and disable from further posting and subscription.
  • Newsgroup
  • Website
  • CVS
    • CVS repository of Monitoring sub project (sources and test cases) will be removed and stored in an archive (a zip or tar.gz) on the servers.
  • Bugzilla products to be shutdown and removed from Bugzilla.
    • TPTP Build to Manage
      • Monitor.Agents
      • Monitor.UI.ManagedResourcesExplorer
      • Monitor.UI.WSDMTooling
    • TPTP GLA
      • Documentation
      • Monitoring.Execution
      • Monitor.UI.GLARules
    • TPTP Log Analyzer
      • Monitor.Analysis
      • Monitor.UI
      • Monitor.UI.Reporting
      • Monitor.UI.SDBEditor
    • TPTP Resource Monitoring
      • Documentation
      • Monitor.Agents
      • Monitor.UI.CustomizedStatsView


  • CVS
    • Complete CVS content (sources and test cases) of monitoring project module will be stored in an archive (a zip) on the servers.
  • Mailing list
    • Will be disabled for posting but the archives are retained.
  • Released drivers
    • All released drivers will be archived on servers and linked in the project’s shut down page.

Project Web Page

  • Project website:
    • Project website and its references are replaced with a single page describing the archived status of the project and contain links to the archive zip and the final download.
    • The page explains that members are welcome to return the project to active status via another Creation Review - at which point the archive zip would be used to restore the state.

Communication Channel

  • Feedback of the review can be communicated via:
    • TPTP PMC mailing list (
  • If an Eclipse community member wants a review to be held on a conference call (the Review Call), contact:
    • TPTP PMC mailing list (


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