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Architecture Diagram Changes

Recent changes to the Higgins Architecture diagram:

  • v42: changes per Higgins F2F june 25-26: Rename Browser Extension to Higgins Extension;Rename ISS Client UI to I-Card Selector; Attach RPPS Web App as just a “binding” for RPPS; typo Parity->Party; Attached Remote Token Service To ISS; Remote TS now connects to I-Card Selector Service, not to I-Card Provider; introduction of the CardStoreStrategy interface
  • v41: added ISS provider (removed RPPS Protocol Providers for now (not yet implemented); added H3 label;
  • v39: Split RPPS Web App from RPPS Core (these were already separate sub-components, the diagram was catching up with reality)
  • v38: Changed link from token provider to IdAS to "Local or Remote"
  • v37: Added i-card store plugin. Added Discovery and Configuration components
  • v36:
    • Added "Other Apps" and a new red line from it down to IdAS in anticipation of our intention to create a web services definition for IdAS, and illustrating that IdAS can be consumed as a standalone service
    • Changed the i-card manager to RPPS Web Service... line from blue to red to reflect the fact that the I-Card Manager consumes the RPPS Web Service as a web service, not through a local language binding
    • Added a missing blue line from HBX to ISS Client UI. We have always intended that HBX can launch the ISS Client UI, so now the diagram is more accurate.
    • Moved "RP Enablement" above the "Clients / Core Higgins Service" dotted line. There is gathering interest among Higgins project members to contribute to RP Enablement code/libs,etc that help make it easier to build Relying Party systems.
    • Changed label below dotted line from "Service" to "Core Higgins Service"
    • Formatting: made all plug-ins a tad narrower than "framework" components
  • v35: 2007.3.23 pt: i-card manager now purely layered over RPPS Core, added "RPPS Web Service" component
  • v34: got rid of “optional” interconnect type; removed contextFactory config data (extraneous); I-Card Store now could be local or remote; added _plugable_ RP Protocol Support (RP Protocol Providers); added in explicit clients (browser, local app, RP) back in
  • v33: added ContextFactory Config Data per IdAS registry/config; reverted to more layered approach: esp: Token Provider OVER IdAS; added "Remote Token Service" to underscore local vs. remote STSes; added "Context Attribute Data Source" to emphasize CPs are adapters; removed ISS Web UI from the picture (since it's part of HBX anyway); moved ISS Client UI up to be a peer of RP Protocol Support; added a blue wire from ISS to Token Service (required for idemix); removed direct connection from I-Card Manager to IdAS
  • v32: Reversed control flow. Now: RPPS->ISS->ISS * UI Was: RPPS->ISS * UI->ISS
  • v31: Changed Card Provider to IdAS link to being always local (never remote)
  • v30: ISS Web UI is now the name for the "card picker" UI code running within HBX;
  • v29: Changed HBX from using both HBX Support as well as ISS Web UI, to now it only relying on HBX Support; Renamed HBX Support to RP Protocol Support; Moved all RSS processing and other RP protocol support into RP Protocol Support
  • v28: Incorporated attribute/claim mapping inside I-Card Provider (rather than separate component)
  • v27: Renamed "Token Issuer" to "Token Service"
  • v25-6: Rename i-card broker/manager to i-card manager; change line at top connected to ISS Web UI to red (to reflect a possible deployment option is that the ISS Web UI runs local (on same machine as browser))
  • v24: Changed how "Attribute/Claim Mapping" component interconnects with Token Provider
  • v23: Added a new component, "Attribute/Claim Mapping"; Changed Token Provider to (optionally) pull claim data from I-Card Provider (instead of directly from IdAS, as it had been in v22).
  • v22: Split ISS into two: ISS and I-Card Registry; Renamed DI Provider Framework to Token Issuer; And renamed DI Issuer to Token Provider per discussion at most recent F2F.
  • v21: Removed the "contributed to Higgins" vs. "Higgins component" distinction; Added "optional" interconnect lines; renamed I-Card Broker to "I-Card Manager (Webapp)"; added annotation for I-Card File/Wire Format;
  • v20: Renamed STS to DI Issuer Framework; Renamed Token Provider to DI Issuer; Added local/remote interconnect lines; removed HBX and other requesters (to separate diagram)
  • v18-19: Interface to local STS moved to I-Card Providers (from ISS); Removed "Identity Provider" grey box at the top; Moved Relying Party from the top to its own "Relying Parties" area at the right. Moved lower grey IdP box into its own separate "Service Provider" area. Changed font to Bookman Old Style.
  • v17: Added two new grey boxes: File Import & Export (of I-Cards), Remote IdP; added a line to show that I-Card Broker WebApp will use IdAS API directly
  • v16: Added a line from "Local or Remote Enterprise Apps" to the top of "ISS UI (Rich Client)"; Also, added a new grey box: "Identity Provider (Issuer)"
  • v15: Added "Browser" grey box
Added in missing ISS UI (Rich Client) component --needed to mimic exactly
CardSpace's WinXP-based architecture
Connected the Relying Party to both the Browser and to HBX
Removed End User Components, Developer, Enterprise -> simply added "Enterprise" to :large grey box text instead
Removed the RCP Demo App entirely (retiring it)
Switched the interconnecting lines style
Split ISS UI & HBX Support into two separate components: ISS UI (WebApp) and HBX :Support
Shortened Relying Party Tags & Impl to "Relying Party"
  • v11-14: Added I-Card Providers to ISS; now I-Card Providers consume IdAS API not ISS; add "Enterprise" label
  • v10: Added I-Card Broker Web App to diagram and text
  • v9: Added to IdAS API: Local Language Bindings; added two directional arrows to/from STS; added a "gray" STS
  • v8: Minor formatting tweaks.
  • v7: Split Higgins core into "IdAS" and "Identity Selector Service", removed "root" Context Providers from diagram, added PAM integration, removed all color coding relating to development status, added "3rd party contributed" distinction/color. Higgins has now become just the name of the enclosing projects, but the component names no longer contain "Higgins".
  • v6: Added two JAAS boxes

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