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Architecture Council Minutes March 13 2008

(Notes not in the original order from the meeting.)

Council Reminders

There was a complaint that no reminders were being sent about the meetings. Bjorn pointed out that rather than saying "nobody is sending reminders to me", AC members should own the problem and solve it themselves. Ingo volunteered to send reminders.

Existential Council Angst

There was some discussion about "why do we exist?" and "we are directionless". Bjorn suggested that there is a great opportunity for the AC to step up and participate in the E4 effort - not just by setting requirements for others to do, but by actually working on issues ourselves. For example, figure out what the architectural issues are that are preventing small contributors from being able to be effective (so that the common part-time open source contributor who wants to "scratch an itch" can participate in an Eclipse project).


McQ joined us and talked for some time about his goals for E4. Rather than repeat them (badly) here, I suggest that people attend McQ's EclipseCon talk and the E4 BOF.

Meeting at EclipseCon

We suggest that the AC team joins the E4 BOF on Tuesday night.

Next Meeting

Ingo will invite Mary, Ed, Doug, Doug, and others to join us and discuss what we these teams have done, and thus what the AC can encourage other projects to do, to encourage small and diverse contributions.

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