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Architecture Council Minutes February 14 2008

SPI Service Provider Interfaces

  • Difference between SPI and API?
    • SPI for plug-ins that provide services to platform
    • API for plug-ins that use the functionality in the platform which is possibly provided by services
  • Use *.*.*.spi.* package name as signal for SPI
  • Point people to the right set of interfaces for different class of interface user.
  • Discuss more on mailing list

Naming conventions - bundles, packages

  • managing third segment of org.eclipse.* names
  • does EMO own this?
    • yes, with arch council in advisory role
  • bring naming convention guidelines from Eclipse project and see what can be applied to all
    • discuss on list

API Tooling

  • Darin Wright with PDE team providing
  • New markup for Javadoc to enhance API declaration
  • Jeff described a lot more of what it was
  • Ask Darin to publicize on committer list

Error reporting

  • Mylyn has automated bug reporting
    • Need to make sure they go to right repository
  • Want to provide automatic reporting with error log
    • Filter by plug-in id
    • Register repository by feature
    • Overridable in products
  • Worry about reporting wrong plug-in
    • Need to search up the stack trace

Usage Monitoring

  • Tabled until next meeting to ensure Wayne is there (and we ran out of time) FWIW, Wayne was there, albeit a little late
  • Questions we have:
    • How will projects get access to data
    • Privacy concerns

Meeting at EclipseCon

  • Try Sunday night 8 p.m. til bed time, at the bar in the Hyatt

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