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Architecture Council / Minutes January 3 2008

How Can We Encourage Cross-Project Chatting

Bjorn raises the question about how we can do this? Definitely, if there is a low overhead way. Perhaps a forum for "my project has these interesting components". Committer list opening up is one avenue for discussion. Bjorn suggests half dozen little architecture introductions to be sent by the AC members to the committer list. Wayne suggests that he'd do podcasts with AC members. David suggests webcast podcasts of pair programming as a good avenue.

Conformance Test Suites

Person who provides framework provides the conformance test suite. Adopter test suites as well. See JFace Data Binding/Conformance Tests.

API Tutorial/Workshop

Plugging the API tutorial/workshop at EclipseCon. It will be real work rather than just slides. (much discussion) There was also a mention of the PDE UI Incubator ApiTools.

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