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Architecture Council/Templates/Offline

Hello NNN,

thanks for the feedback.

You seem to think that the main point of Architecture Council membership is joining the monthly phone conferences; this is quite a common misunderstanding. But in fact, that's not at all what counts (we just use it as one measurable parameter of people being dormant). I'm trying hard to produce useful phone meeting notes such that people who've not been able to join can equally engage in offline discussions.

What counts a lot more, is whether you want to be involved, engaged in (E-Mail / Bugzilla) discussions, update the Wiki pages, bring forward issues of interest.

Have you linked to your Bio on the Members and Mentors page [1]? Have you added any hyperlinks to architecturally interesting sites on the Web [2]? Do you have an opinion regarding our Top Ten page [3]? Filling these in has been an action item for all members from our recent discussions. Do you have any ideas with respect to how the Eclipse Community should evolve? Do you have any insights from Actuate that you could share with the Community (via E-Mail) -- addressing or pointing out problems that the Eclipse Community has? Could you imagine mentoring any project?

I really want AC members to be sensitive to Community Needs, point out the issues, and articulate them (by E-Mail or Bugzilla). See the AC Membership Page [4] for some ideas what membership should be like: that's what counts. Phone meetings are necessary, but E-Mail / Bugzilla discussions is where things really happen.

All this sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but I do think that we get something very valuable in return: as the technical leaders - which we are at the AC - we can learn a lot from each other, and we can bring Eclipse as a whole forward for the benefit of all of us. Consider it a Club of Thinkers. I'd very much appreciate your insight from an area (NNN) that's otherwise not so well represented.


PS: Of course you can also just say "I'm not interested, that's not my thing, I do not have time". That's fair enough. Then I'll just leave you dormant -- you'll still receive all E-Mail, you can still opt-in to any discussions, you'll still get notified -- the only difference is that we don't expect you to be there and we won't wait for you in case of elections.

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