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Architecture Council/Templates/Nomination

Subject: You're nominated to join the Eclipse Architecture Council

Hello NNN,

NNN has nominated you to join the Eclipse Architecture Council in recognition of your achievements for the Eclipse Community. In it's phone meeting today, the Council unanimously appreciated this nomination, and talked most positively about you. As per the Eclipse Development Process [1], your nomination is a highly visible confirmation of the Eclipse community's respect for your technical vision, good judgement, software development skills, past and future contributions to Eclipse. It is a role that should be neither given nor taken lightly.

There's still an official voting process to perform, but before I initiate that I'd like to ask you whether you'd be ready to take on that new role. Being on the Architecture Council does not come for free: We'd appreciate if you can join the monthly 1-hour phone meetings, but being responsive to the council's business in terms of E-Mail discussions is just as important. Given that only AC members can serve as official Mentors for projects, we also expect you to be ready to serve as a Mentor, be open-eyed to interesting things going on in your domain and bring them to the Council's attention. Only pro-active members bring real value to our cross-functional body.

Over all, an investment of 3 hours each month for AC business should be realistic (1 hour for the phone call, plus 2 hours for E-Mail business). What you get in return, is getting in touch with some of the most prominent leaders in our Community, first-hand information and a good chance to actually change things that bother you.

See the Architecture Council Wiki pages [2] for more information. If you have any questions, or find those pages unclear, just drop me an E-Mail or file a bug [3] against the AC component. As a new member, you have the unique opportunity to see things like a newcomer, and thus point out things on the website that need improvement; Existing bug 250348 [4] already mentions some items that should help newcomers get started.

I'd appreciate getting you on board. Let me know what you think!



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