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Architecture Council/Templates/Dormant

Subject: Dormant on the Eclipse Architecture Council ?

Hello NNN,

As we’ve just added a couple new members to the Eclipse Architecture Council, we’ve taken the opportunity to walk through our member list and do some cleanups. We haven’t heard from you recently on the EAC, so I’ve moved you into the “Dormant Status” for now [1].

The goal here is tracking who’s actually “plugged in”, for projects in search of a mentor; plus, making sure that inactive folks don’t hold up any vote unnecessarily.

If you’d prefer being tracked as “active”, just let me know. I’d appreciate if you are still interested. Just let me know, and I’ll move you back into normal state. Should you wish to resign from the EAC, please also let me know (I'd regret that).


I hope you are well, Thanks, NNN

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