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Architecture Council/Minutes January 17 2008

Announcing Ourselves

We noted that most of the committers do not know we exist. Darin agreed to announce ourselves to the committers and describe what we are trying to do.


The issue of security was brought up, but was a dud as a conversation.

User Interface Guidelines

The issue of user interface guidelines was brought up, but was a dud as a conversation.

User Survey

We decided that when Ian does his next user survey, the Architecture Council would like to contribute some questions.

Architecture for More Patches and Committers

The active discussion issue of the day was Bjorn's question of "how can we guide the architecture to encourage more patches and committers?". One of the barriers to more patches today is the expectation that things are forever. Another barrier is that there is no common build system and so it is hard to create a stockpile of cool things that are assembled into distros.

Contributor Guidelines

Andrew said that one of the things the Linux community has discovered is that a big barrier to entry is people not understanding how to join/get started. "Make it easy to join and people will join". He volunteered to start a contributor guidelines document.

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