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Architecture Council/Mentorship

Why Mentorship?

As per the Eclipse Development Process, new projects that intend to do a Release are required to have at least two Mentors. Mentors are required to monitor and advise the new Project during its Incubation Phase, but are released from that duty once the Project graduates to the Mature Phase.

While this is a requirement for new projects only, existing projects are also encouraged to seek mentorship by the Architecture Council.

What do the Projects gain from their Mentors?

You can ask your personal mentor for advice whenever you're not clear about how to fulfill your duties as per the development process, or how to best perform actions that you intend to do. Moreover, if your mentor is from a domain related to your project, he can also help you make contacts or make you aware of related technology. Mentors are an undispensable resource helping your project be successful.

How should the Project - Mentor interaction work?

Most interaction will just be a pull-model, that is you E-Mail your mentor with questions or call him/her on the phone to discuss things that matter to you. At times, however, your mentor may also review your project and make you aware of deficiencies that you might not see yourself. Such reviews are meant to help your project prosper in terms of commmunity interaction.

What do Mentors gain from Mentoring?

  • Get in touch with new, innovative technology that may be relevant for yourself
  • Through projects' questions, get reminded of things that may be relevant for yourself
  • Get a good personal connection to innovative people leading the new technologies

What persons are available as Mentor?

How do I request a Mentor?

  • File a bug against the Architecture Council.
    • Some sample mentor requests: bug 254906, bug 255259, bug 256220
    • On the bug, explain what your project does, and how it is interesting to potential mentors.
  • The AC will respond timely with questions or names of mentors.
  • In case you don't get a satisfactory assignment within a week, actively seek a mentor by follow up personally with the people on the Architecture Council/Members and Mentors page.

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