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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 22 F2F EclipseCon 2009

Tentative Agenda for the StAC and AC Face-to-face meetings at EclipseCon 2009


  • Participants
    • Martin Oberhuber, Wind River
    • Darin Swanson, IBM
    • Darin Wright, IBM
    • Gunnar Wagenknecht, AGETO
    • Andrew Overholt, Red Hat
    • Boris Bokowski, IBM
    • Mik Kersten, Tasktop (arriving towards end of StAC meeting)
    • Bernd Kolb, SAP
    • Oisin Hurley, Progress
    • Doug Schaefer, Wind River
    • John Arthorne, IBM
    • David Carver
    • Oliver Cole, OC Systems
    • Tom Watson, IBM
    • Neil Hauge, Oracle
  • Tentative
    • Richard Gronback, Borland
    • Markus Knauer, Innoopract/EclipseSource
    • Linda Chan, Actuate
    • Sven Efftinge, itemis
  • Regrets
    • Mary Ruddy
    • John Graham
    • Gary Xue, Actuate
    • Doug Clarke, Oracle

Date, Time and Location

  • Sunday March 22, Bayshore Room at the Hyatt
    • FYI -- PC meeting (not involving the AC): 2pm - 3pm
    • StAC (which includes the AC): 3pm - 5pm
    • AC only: 5pm - 6pm

Unfortunately Pizza dinner won't work in the room. We'll have a whiteboard, projector and markers. Wireless will only work if you've paid for it as a Hyatt guest (and even then it's not guaranteed in that room).

Potential Agenda Items

Open discussion here. Feel free to add anything, prefix with your name. We also collect AC input for the StAC meeting.

  • (Martin) Mentor Experience roundup: Each Mentor to talk 1-5 minutes about how it's been going with their projects
  • (Martin) Improvements Brainstorming: 15 minutes uncommented brainstorming of ideas what could be improved if there were no limitations
    • Incentives: git, lgpl, simplified IP, pre-canned webpages, more collaboration AC--board, ...
  • (Martin, Rich) How can the AC do more Architecture? - Today we're doing Community Escalations mostly, can we do more actual architecture?
  • (Gunnar) DVCS: How can we move on in the current DVCS discussion? Ideally, the AC should find an opinion (conclusion?) and discuss possible steps.
  • (Martin) Mike on the AC: would be good to have more direct communications
  • (Martin) Separation between the Board and the AC. The board has done an Eclipse SWOT analysis, but nobody can see it ?!?
  • (Martin) Release Train Improvements
  • (Martin) Move forward with Architecture Council/Meetings/API Deprecation 20080119 - See also bug 261544
  • (Oisin) Options around static web pages for projects, not wiki, confined to project committers, web component in each project, not in separate source code repository.
  • (Linda) Among the Java developer community, Eclipse is often used purely as an IDE. Most are not even aware of all the Eclipse projects that are available. How can the AC help to introduce and provide an architectural overview of all the various projects, including incubating ones?
  • (DavidC) What do we mean by "Architecture"? Does this include development practices? Release Engineering? Or are we just talking about Patterns and Design? Clearly defining our role within eclipse is important to provide some leverage moving forward.
  • (DavidC) Technical Debt? It has many negative affects on the eclipse code base, but also the end user experience.
  • (Martin) Parallel IP for Mature Projects.
    • As per this message, it's possible but official EMO policy does not exist yet
    • Notice on download pages or inside the downloads?
    • Guideline for projects? - Some may not want it e.g. Eclipse -- Milestones sometimes consumed into projects. Want to be crystal clear that everything is OK.
    • Perhaps have a separate branch (E-builds for Experimental) which contain I-build contents as per the Mapfile but also include parallel IP'd libs? Might be possible with a separate Mapfile just for the libs (but then also the features would change). See also Eclipse/PMC for 18-Mar-2009.
  • (Andrew) What can we do to improve the ability of projects to accept patches from contributors in a timely fashion?
  • (Andrew) How can we help to increase the overall interaction and UI consistency of Eclipse projects? Push for the Foundation to hire an interaction designer?
  • (Boris) Should we generalize the DVCS discussion and also talk about the other the software tools we are using regularly (Bugzilla, Wiki, Build infrastructure, ...)? How can we get "the best tools money can buy"? (question 9 on The Joel Test)

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