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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 22 2011 Breakfast

All AC Members are invited to join us for an informal Breakfast at EclipseCon 2011:

Meeting Title Architecture Council 2011 Breakfast
Date & Time: Tuesday March 22, 2011 at 0800 PDT attention DST change
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Location: Registration Area (Magnolia Room at the Hyatt). No dial-in this time.


All AC members are invited to grab some coffee and sit together on 1 or 2 tables.


We'll keep the agenda open, but feel free to add topics of interest here upfront:

  • Builds at Eclipse
    • Hudson, Tycho, Maven, git .. how can the AC help with infrastructure?
  • Mylyn Wikitext and Crowdsourcing Docs
  • Where is Eclipse compared to other Communities such as Apache, Drupal, Ubuntu, ...?
    • Most of the Eclipse work is still sponsored by companies, but...
    • Much of the really innovative work breaking the "Tragedy of the Commons" is due to individual effort
    • It's vitally important to be a "cool an enjoyable place" for individual contributions
  • Where is Eclipse compared to other hosters such as Sourceforge, github, Maven central, Google code, ...?
  • Project statistics on Oholoh!
  • State of Orion and e4
  • Pascal's bug 331385 naming conventions for p2 Repos
  • Wayne's bug 337004 and its dependencies - Security Vulnerabilities


I'm deliberately keeping the "what is or isn't the AC" navel-gazing discussion related to the upcoming Bylaws change off the table since that's better discussed over a frosty beverage at night.

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