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Architecture Council/Meetings/February 9 2017

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday February 9, 2017 at 1100 Ottawa
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  • In attendance: Carl Anderson (WTP), Mikael Barbero, Wayne Beaton, Jonas Helming, Maximilian Kögel, Marc-Andre Laperle, Dani Megert, Alexander Nyßen, Steffen Pingel, Pascal Rapicault, Denis Roy, Michael Scharf, Eike Stepper, Krum Tsvetkov, Mickael Istria
  • Regrets: Jay Jay Billings, Marcel Bruch, Christian Campo, Jim Hughes, Martin Lippert, Matthias Sohn, Lars Vogel

#PMC_Rep_Attendees see also below.

Agenda / Notes

Shipping Non-Eclipse Plugins with EPP

  • Pascal: Goal would be improving the User Experience
  • Example: AngularJS Editor
  • For C/C++, would like to add binaries like Toolchains, compilers, ...
  • Where would the binaries reside ... original repo or EPP repo or anywhere else ? EPP repo looks like a good choice
    • Wayne: From an IP / Due Diligence point of view, it doesn't matter
  • Pascal: Non-Eclipse Projects often release right after Eclipse; work with such projects to align timing with Eclipse ?
    • Wayne: If projects find value in aligning, why not...
    • Martin: Could theere be 2 tiers of packages ("Eclipse" and "Eclipse Plus" ?)
      • Pascal: That would jeopardize the value - we want things to be "ready together"
      • AI Michael describe Eclipse versus IntelliJ Update Scenarios
      • Mickael: Opening up to more plugins, EPP would need more testers - how to handle that ? Quality of EPP is key!
  • Next Steps: Is there any Board Approval required ?
    • Wayne: Likely not for Open Source; would have to talk about any vendor plugins, especially with vendor advertising
    • Wayne: Suggest talking to Planning Council, ideally about a specific example
  • Next Steps: AI Pascal Open a Bug against EPP adding the AngularJS editor. Then discuss from there.
    • Carl: Consider adding more tools eg Node.JS to JSDT ?
    • Michael: AngularJS gets in the way when doing React ... may need to define a specific "Angular" or "Typescript" package ?
      • Ideally, when the IDE detects somebody does Angular, it should offer downloading Angular tooling...
      • Pascal: It's relevant shipping tools out-of-the-box that aren't easily discoverable. Terminal for example.

Jonas: Infrastructure Issues

  • bug 499399. No offence to webmasters! But perception is still problematic in Europe
    • Committers have issues reliably getting a build turnaround in one day from Europe - harms productivity and trust in the infra
    • Dani: Great steps forward have been made. Git is super reliable, that does allow providing a fix ... it might not be ideal, but nobody should claim they are blocked ?
    • Maximilian: Resolving the target platform is a prerequisite for a fix, and that is a real bottleneck which fails often! Developers are resorting to crude workarounds like local clones. Gerrit and Builds are also important parts of getting a fix in reliably. Things seem to have gotten worse since 2 years ago.
    • Denis: Demand has grown over time with 300+ committers, Nexus, 200+ HIPPs etc... growth is great, keeping up is sometimes hard but plans are in place
    • Mikael: Main issue in terms of productivity was the Tuesday Morning Download Issue bug and it's being resolved
    • Jonas: Glad that EF is aware. Goal is ensuring that enough resources are put on the infra.
  • Jonas: bug 510563 process for getting a bugzilla account is a huge problem, users are getting angry!
    • Denis: Bugzilla spam is an issue. Tried contracting a dev, and working with bugzilla upstream but no luck so far...
    • Mickael: Was the idea adding a Captcha pursued ?
      • Denis: The pattern that was seen is an actual user manually creating an account (with captcha!) and then starting to spam...
    • Maximilian: Are there enough resources for addressing issues ?
      • Denis: Posted a Job Offering for a Webmaster / Sysadmin in Europe
  • Martin: Provisioning of a Target Platform seems like a Bottleneck. Should that be tracked through a bug ?
    • Pascal: Mirrors in Europe are horrible. Why haven't we pushed our binary bits to bintray yet ? Would also address downloads for people in Europe being too slow. bug 454379 was resolved WONTFIX 2 years ago (now reopened)
    • The whole reason of repo managers is dealing with issues of the Internet going down - proxying binary bits. Nexus & Co do that.
    • Mickael: Tycho does local caching pretty well. See bug 282352 and bug 507397 for adding artifact caching to PDE

General Topics

  • New Members - Wayne to nominate 2 candidates

Action Items

  • Pascal create EPP bug for adding AngularJS Editor: bug 512008bug 512009bug 512010
  • Wayne nominate 2 candidates
  • Michael describe Eclipse vs. IntelliJ update scenarios (on the mailing list)

PMC Rep Attendees

All AC Members are invited.

  • PMC Reps please confirm attendance or list your delegate below. Every PMC is required to name a primary and backup delegate, and to ensure that one delegate attends the meeting.
BIRT: Gary Xue
DTP: Brian Payton Linda Chan
Eclipse: Dani Megert Mike Wilson
Modeling: Ed Merks Cédric Brun
Eike Stepper
Mylyn: Steffen Pingel Mik Kersten
RT: Christian Campo Tom Watson
SOA: Adrian Mos Marc Dutoo
Technology: Gunnar Wagenknecht Wayne Beaton
Tools: Doug Schaefer Alex Kurtakov
WTP: Carl Anderson Neil Hauge
LocationTech: Jim Hughes
IoT: Julien Vermillard

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