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Architecture Council/Meetings/February 9 2012

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday February 9, 2012 at 1600 UTC / 0800 SFO / 1100 Ottawa / 1600 London / 1700 Berlin attention DST change
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Dial-in: NEW Canada 1-877-727-8553 toll free / 1-416-840-9801 caller paid
NEW U.S. 1-866-394-4146 toll free / 1-480-629-1624 caller paid
NEW passcode 428029063


All AC Members are invited.

  • PMC Reps please confirm attendance or list your delegate below. Every PMC is required to name a primary and backup delegate, and to ensure that one delegate attends the meeting.
BIRT: Wenfeng Li Wenbin He
DTP: Brian Payton Linda Chan
Eclipse: Mike Wilson John Arthorne
Boris Bokowski
Martin Oberhuber
Modeling: Ed Merks Cédric Brun
Sven Efftinge
Mylyn: Steffen Pingel Mik Kersten
RT: Christian Campo Tom Watson
SOA: Adrian Mos Sebastien Gandon
Technology: Gunnar Wagenknecht Wayne Beaton
Tools: Doug Schaefer
WTP: Chuck Bridgham Dave Carver
Neil Hauge

  • Signed-up: Wayne Beaton, Chuck Bridgham, Christian Campo, Igor Fedorenko, Neil Hauge, Markus Knauer, Achim Lörke, Ed Merks, Kim Moir, Martin O, Andrew Overholt, Brian Payton, Steffen Pingel, Mary Ruddy, Doug Schaefer, Tom Watson, David Williams
  • Regrets: Oliver Cole (standing conflict), Wenfeng Li (standing conflict), Andrew Overholt (after 45 minutes of the call), Gunnar Wagenknecht (travelling)
  • No-Show: Chris Aniszczyk, John Arthorne, Boris Bokowski, Nick Boldt, Cédric Brun, Dave Carver, Linda Chan, Doug Clarke, Sebastien Gandon, Oisin Hurley, Kenn Hussey, Mik Kersten, Bernd Kolb, Jeff McAffer, Mike Milinkovich, Adrian Mos, Pascal Rapicault, Michael Scharf, Tom Schindl, Darin Swanson, Mike Wilson, Oliver Wolf, Gary Xue

Agenda / Notes

Review of Last Meeting

New Topics

  • Tom Watson: Clarification on PMC Rep for RT - New: Christian Campo
  • Kim: AOSA Book
    • Not relevant any more, looks like
    • Last year the Architecture of Open Source Applications book was released. This year the editors are working on volume II with a new set of authors and open source projects. They are looking for technical reviewers for these chapters, if you're interested let me know and I can put you in touch with the editors.
  • Andrew O.: brief FOSDEM trip report (this weekend in Brussels)
    • Volunteer conference on Open Source in Europe, thousands of developers
    • Mike Milinkovich, Gunnar Wagenknecht and Andrew put up an Eclipse stand
    • Mike demoed Orion; Gunnar mostly RT and other things; Andrew C/C++ and Linux Tools
    • Most people came by just saying "thanks"
    • Overview talk by Mike, 15 min lightning talks by Gunnar and Andrew
    • Andrew would like to strongly encourage larger Eclipse participation next year (especially among Europeans)
    • Andrew will mention the call for papers deadline and details later this year

General Topics

  • Updates from the Board
    • Markus K: Nothing new
  • git @ Eclipse progress
    • Denis put the DenyNonFastForward flag in place ... going pretty well by now
    • Tom W: Website is still in CVS, migration path ?
      • Wayne: Foundation to put EMO's pages into git first (until Juno), then recommend to / migrate other projects
  • Maven @ Eclipse progress
    • Tycho Working well for Linux Tools, CDT, ...
    • Tycho 0.14 to support generation of source features (was hard to do since PDE was lacking docs on source feature generation)
    • Tycho 0.14 docs: New&Noteworthy notes, or tycho-dev mailing list if there are questions
    • PDE Build features like .api_description files: planned to add at some point but no cycles at the moment
    • There won't be a promise to support everything from PDE Build ... not even those being used by the Platform build (eg .net files)
      • Request for contributions .. trying to engage with every developer who's willing to contribute
      • Wayne: thinks there's going to be a natural process of projects requesting features (and/or contributing patches)
  • Parent POM Effort
    • Not much updates / activity recently ... but would be important !
    • EMO going to bring a new releng engineer on staff with the Foundation, hopes work to be picked up by that person
    • activity seems to have died ... but that's a very important resource!
      • Igor: Mission Statement for ? - Wayne: Currently lacking, this is a main problem ! Community started it, but now..?
      • Original goal was to provide content of Eclipse Release Repos to Maven users ?
        • Looking at AC for guidance what's needed ! Who's the consumers and what are their needs ?
        • Nobody on AC today has a vested interest in ... who outside the AC might have a vested interest in
      • AI Martin ask for people with requirements / vested interest in on mailing list
  • Potential new AC Member Candidates
    • AI Martin contact / propose potential new AC members
  • LTS
    • Current state is Andrew Ross will let us know when there
  • Hudson @ Eclipse
    • Andrew: Lots of issues were fixed by Denis and team
    • JBoss Jenkins instance is pretty stable
    • Sonatype successfully used a really big instance of Hudson
    • What's making instabilities reappear again and again ? What about advance notice of any change to the infrastructure (like adding slaves, ...)
      • A single misbehaving job can bring down the entire system ?
      • Kim: Wondering if we need more slaves ... there's always a backlog of jobs ready to run (20 at the moment) although some slaves are idle
        • Most seem to be waiting on Slave 1 ?!? Should encourage others to no longer pin on Slave 1
        • Ok green.gif Kim bug 371109 for Denis to check why so many jobs wait on slave 1 / potentially recommend unpinning jobs
        • AI Doug S to unpin the CDT Job
  • Christian Campo: Riena not on the Release Train
    • Still on the Release Train but not on the Composite Repo .. situation is OK for Christian
    • Working with Eclipse Platform
  • Wayne: Universities want to do Studies
    • Anybody want to help setting up a survey regarding use of Eclipse API's in commercial products ?
  • New SIP Conf provider would save the Foundation a lot of money
    • Projects can do team calls ... can help projects set up their own team bridge
    • If projects are interested participating, just send an E-Mail to Wayne - every project can have an individual line
    • Igor's Sound Quality was very bad ... Wayne says that this is the first negative feedback
  • Google Summer of Code was announced
  • Dave Williams: Encourage People to open Bugs when they see problems rather than posting to cross-project
    • Martin: Encourage AC members to move bugs from mailing lists to bugzilla
    • Dave: Don't discourage using the mailing list ... but encourage to
  • Register for EclipseCon
    • Committers / Alumni need to use Coupon Code from the Econ website (FAQ, or right-hand border)

Action Items

  • Cleaned up old action items, see Architecture Council/Meetings/February 10 2011 for old stuff
  • (old) Martin to add Eclipsecon meeting notes onto the wiki
  • (old) Tim write up an initial wiki page with information for people to standardize on the tracing API
  • (old) Martin revise the AC Wiki to make it easier to find the New Member Process. More links on homepage. More usage of categories.
  • (old) Martin bug 315210 Make the AC mailing list open / moderated
  • Martin ask for people with requirements / vested interest in on mailing list
  • Martin contact / propose potential new AC members
  • Ok green.gif Kim bug 371109 for Denis to check why so many jobs wait on slave 1 / potentially recommend unpinning jobs
  • Doug S to unpin the CDT job from Slave 1

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