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Architecture Council/Meetings/August 16 2018

Agenda / Notes

Update EMO (Wayne)

no update

Update Infra (Denis)

no update

EDP Release Process Proposal

Wayne and Gunnar presented proposal to decouple releases from release reviews. Details have been posted here:

The proposal was well received and the general feedback very positive. AC members like the new flexibility of doing releases without a release review.

Some AC members expressed interest in keeping reviews for every release. The proposal supports this by allowing project leadership (as well as PMC and EMO) to request a project review at any time.

Last meeting: Architecture Council/Meetings/June 28 2018

Action Items

  • Wayne and Gunnar to groom the the backlog in Bugzilla and get all bugs aligned for the EDP plan.
  • Jesse to provide input for kicking off discussion what a release is

Next Meeting

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