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The ArCon project proposal is under review

The proposed improvements below will be done before the end of 2014 and are for Ericsson in the context of Polarsys.

ArCon is currently undergoing incubation under the Technology top-level project.


ArCon is a tool for architecture conformance validation of systems modelled in UML/SysML. ArCon can provide an easy to use and intuitive way of specifying architectural rules and a mechanism to automatically validate that the system under development conforms to the rules specified. ArCon can validate a model and detect errors in the models breaking the defined rules.

Ongoing work

1. Improve ArCon user documentation

2. Eclipse online help

3. Improve robustness for handling erroneous models

4. Integrate Command line start and GUI based online check

5. Generate architecture document

6. Multiple stereotypes handling

7. Be integrated with Luna

8. Expand functionality for check of meta properties of model elements

9. Improve ability to express arbitrary rules

10. Generate profile from multiple architecture models

Activities 2013

1. Be able to read combined architecture models

2. Enable selection of model scope for analysis

3. Enable command line start

4. Perform proactive online check

5. Provide domain specific modeling support based on the architecture (meta) model

6. Enable generation of architecture documentation

7. Be able to create profile from architecture model

8. Be able to handle one or more stereotypes for rule activation

9. Be able to follow dependency to active architecture model

10. Handle different severity levels

11. Be able to filter warnings

12. Be integrated with Kepler

13. Provide infrastructure to express arbitrary rules (e.g. not possible to express with ArCon static analysis)

14. Display warning markers in model browser

Arcon logo 2.pngrCon


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