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Eclipse Installation and Configuration

Eclipse IDE and Plugins Installation
Item Descripion Update Site URL / Download URL Items to install
1 Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers N/A
2 Apogy Off The Shelf plugin All
3 EMF and Dependencies EMF - Eclipse Modelling Framework SDK
EMF - Eclipse Modelling Framework Xcore SDK
EMF Validation Framework
EMF Model Transaction SDK
Xtext Complete SDK
4 Apogy Code Generator Support Apogy Code Generator
5 EMF Forms 1.22 EMF Form SDK
6 BIRT BIRT 4.6.0 Reporting SDK
7 Eclipse 4 Ressource Tools Eclipse e4 Tools Developer Resources
8 Simple Logging Facade for Java (Log4j) Log4j Implemented Over SLF4J - 1.7.10
Log4j Implemented Over SLF4J Source - 1.7.10
Logback SLF4J Binding - 1.1.2
Logback SLF4J Binding Source - 1.1.2
SLF4J API Module - 1.7.10
9 Paho MQTT Java Paho MQTT Client
Paho MQTT Exerciser

Apogy Source Code Download, Build and Launch

Apogy Source Download
1 Download Apogy Source Code from GIT git:// /bundles/common
2 Build Project→Build Automatically
Project→Clean All
3 Launching Apogy a) Run→Run Configurations...
b) Select Eclipse Application, right click, then New Configuration
c) In Program to Run, select Run a Product, in the pull down on the right, select org.eclipse.apogy.rcp.product
d) In the Plugins tab, in the Launch with pull down, select all workspace and enabled plugins. Press Run
e) Press Run

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