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Simple Way To Start

The examples are a simple way to get started interacting with Apogy and seeing what it can do. The simplest way to get started is to use one of the Registered Apogy Projects. Each of these include an Apogy Session that is ready to use in a few clicks.

Lets use the Rover example system to do that. Here is the step by step procedure to get started:

Importing the Rover Example Session

  1. Launch the Apogy Product
  2. Open the Welcome perspective
  3. Bring up the Projects page
  4. In the Registry list, select org.eclipse.apogy.examples.rover
  5. Click on "Import"
  6. In the wizard that appears:
    1. Enter MyRover for the name of the new project;
    2. Click "Finish";
    3. In the Workspace list, select MyRover, then click "Open";
  7. The project is now created.

Configuring the Views

In order to view the Rover, a few views are necessary. Here are the steps to configure them:

  1. Open the Example Rover Perspective. This will bring up the required views to operate the Rover;
  2. Confirm that the 3D viewer show the worksite (digital elevation map and sky);

Initializing and Using the Rover

You are now ready to initialize the rover and start issuing it commands. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. In the bottom menu bar, click on "Start". This will instanciate the Rover using the Simulated context;
  2. Confirm that the 3D viewer show the Rover on the corner of the terrain and that the Rover views are populated with the rover telemetry;

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