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Aperi Development Status Meeting 04/30/07

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Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Brenda Haynes, Craig Laverone, Chris King, Christoph Reichert, Dave Wolfe, Hans Lin, Rodica Ciurea, Simona Constantin, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane), LSI (Jenny Monesson)


  • Project Leader Notes (Tom)
    • Todd has taken on role to drive the Europa Migration
    • Note from Markus Feilner on aperi-dev.
      • He is an editor for the German Linux magazine, Linux New Media AG, and is looking for an author who will write a five page article on Aperi. It will appear in a special edition of their technical review, with skilled Linux administrators and technicians as an audience.
      • The team responded very positively to this request.
      • Christoph volunteered to write the article. He will contact Markus and keep the team abreast of that activity.
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd)
    • Build status: Good progress last week – back to full automation! (build runs automatically after initiated) the latest build was Friday night. Todd with engage mechanism today that will kick off the automatic bui8lds every night.
    • NCP Linux build is not included into the nightly build. The RCP GUI build is missing as well as the Dojo classes. Todd, Craig and Rodica to resolve.
  • Aperi Downloads
    • Latest stats
    • Web stats for Aperi are part of Eclipse and they only report the top 400 pages on Eclipse. Sometimes we don't make it into that 400 so there are no stats, but in April we had 2 pages make it:
Page Description URL Hits
Aperi User's Guide 4638
Aperi Homepage 3829
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule Updates made in the file.
    • Status of access to NetApp devices for R0.4 NAS work (Simona/Hans)
      • Licenses expired on systems. Hans to contact the owner and resolve.
    • R0.3:
      • Code complete at this point, the remaining piece is to get the build issues resolved
      • Go/No Go decision for the Linux client and SWT browser widget:
        • Dave spent a lot of time last week working on this. It was not fixed, however he proposed several options on how to continue in an aperi-dev append from yesterday:
        • No Go: The end result is BIRT Reporting would be done in an external browser window. Two options here:
          1. Require user to bring up a browser and type in the URL – the code is ready to go for this
          2. Provide a button in the GUI such that when pressed, it brings up an external browser with the reporting URL already preloaded in it – this has already been coded up by Viorel and tested by Rodica
        • Go options:
          1. Stay the current path and try and fix the problems – minimum of a week to figure out what’s wrong – then need to get it fixed, wherever the problem is. Ramp up time on debugging Linux.
          2. Start trying different combinations to see what works. This may find the problem or it may end up with have a restricted Linux platform that works. – minimum of a week… similar to above.
          3. Form based – two to three days to code, but we could encounter other problems during test.
      • Decision: Proceed with the 'No Go option 2' and provide a button in the GUI to start up the reporting browser window. Dave, Craig, Todd, and Rodica will get the build working in the next day and then provide a working build to Hans. Hans will test for a week.
      • Our new target availability date for 0.3 is May 11. In addition, Dave will continue to work on the SWT browser and Linux issues to provide the function in a milestone release afer availability.
  • IDVT
    • Test Status
      • We still had problems with the BIRT report server integrated into Aperi build so IDVT team couldn't perform the report tests.
    • Key defects:
      • 169456 maj P3 Wind NEW User documentation not well-formed...
      • 176657 maj P3 Linu NEW Filesystem probe causes si_signo=11 on SUSE 10
      • 184271 maj P3 Wind NEW Unable to configure the report server using Derby db
      • 184276 maj P3 Wind NEW Unable to create BIRT report table T_BIRT_REPORT_DESCR us...
      • 184496 maj P3 Wind NEW Cfgaperi fails to create the schema when using DB2
      • The following three sev2 BIRT related defects were created to track the progress of BIRT report server integration:
        • 184271 - Unable to configure the report server using Derby db
        • 184276 - The creation of BIRT report table T_BIRT_REPORT_DESCR will hang the DB2 db schema creation.
        • 184496 - Cfgaperi fails to create the schema when using DB2
      • Todd will investigate 169456 to ensure this is still valid.
    • Enhancement defects - Tom & Hans reviewed
      • These are defects that are marked with 'enh' in the severity field.
      • Hans will separate out of defect curves
      • Hans to change resolution to LATER for severity items < major that we will not be addressing in R0.3
      • Result: Six enhancement defects were lowered to sev4. The defects that remain n are: five sev2 defects, twelve sev3 defects, and six sev4 defects, for a total of twenty-three open defects.
  • ID
  • Action Items
Item Owner Target Status
Third Party Dependency Questionnaire Tom ongoing Questionnaires submitted 9/6. - Utilizing the IP Log to track the individual IPZilla entries for each Third Party Contribution Questionnaire. See IP Log for new updates on this.
Obtain two mentors Tom 4/30/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors from the Eclipse Architecture Council. The AC is listed here: but Tom has asked Bjorn for larger candidate list. Bjorn is building a list. Tom has started a list of potential mentor names. Please take a look.

Investigate technology to run the webcast and demo Tom 4/9/07 Currently investigating three companies:

WebEx ON24 Readytalk Getting quotes for a Single 1 hour presentation (PP slides and demo) Q & A session (moderated) 1-3 speakers 25 - 50 attendees playback available afterward Tom has contacted all three companies. The results of the investigation are located here on the wiki: Webcast Options. Need assistance with demo. Looking for volunteers.

Conform to new incubation guidelines <NEW> Tom 4/30/07 The new

new guidelines. Items 1-3 are addressed. Christoph has also renamed the bundles and features so we now comply with items 5 and 6. The only item (4) left to do is put the word ‘incubation’ in our download material.

Linux New Media AG article Christoph  ? Christoph to contact Markus to understand the timeframe and start article.
  • Open Forum
  • Other:
    • Next Meeting will be on Monday, May 7th

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