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Aperi CMDB Integration

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Default schedule:
  • The workgroup objectives were met with the inclusion of an Aperi MDR into the COSMOS code base
  • We have therefore suspended remaining meetings; any loose ends will be tied up via email.

Upcoming meetings:

Next meeting: None Planned


Continue discussion regarding CMDBf, LIC and COSMOS integration.

Key Documents Under Discussion

Work Page

Minutes from previous meetings:


  • Participants
  • Martine Wedlake
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Duane Baldwin
  • Status
  • Martine finished HostPorts; completing the list of objects: Storage System, Storage Volume, Storage Pool, Disk, HostPort and relationships between them. Bill has implemented the MDR portion and is waiting for code base to open up so he can check it in.
  • Next Steps
  • Take Aperi MDR code from COSMOS and integrate it into Aperi. We'll need to work out some project-level dependencies as we'll need to incorporate the COSMOS jar files to build and run the MDR; but should be do-able.
  • Investigate CML/SML to determine if we want to create data model for MDR. Martine will research SML with an intention of moving to an SML-based model as part of checking the code into Aperi codebase.
  • Given that the main purpose of the workgroup's objectives have been met with the successful creation of an Aperi MDR; and that the remaining loose ends will be tied up by Martine, we have decided to close the workgroup as soon as the loose ends are closed out. We will not have any more scheduled workgroup meetings, preferring to do our remaining work in email.


  • Participants
  • Al Heitman
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Duane Baldwin
  • Martine Wedlake
  • Status
  • Bill and Martine met requirements of April 16 -- Storage Systems and Storage Pools.
  • Bill checked code into COSMOS repository.
  • Martine has just finished up Disks and will be working on Hosts and Masking/Mapping next; I think I'm on track for the end-Month deadline for "complete" instrumentation.
  • Martine to provide a canned image of the Aperi database for COSMOS demos, testing, etc. This should have another device with hosts mapped to volumes.
  • COSMOS will have externalised deliverables for the MDR toolkit available somewhere between June and July for eventual release in November. We'd like to integrate this toolkit into Aperi and migrate the "full featured" Aperi MDR into the Aperi codebase around this time period.
  • We talked about data content schemas and determined that there may be some value in researching the SML schema because COSMOS has an ability to generate reports through SML. Having Aperi MDR push data up in an SML-Compliant fashion will make it easier to generate reports.


  • Participants
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Duane Baldwin
  • Allen Heitman
  • Martine Wedlake
  • Today was a status update call to keep folks in the loop.
  • Bill and Martine have begun work on the prototype; Bill working on the upper-layer MDR and Martine working on the lower layer AperiDB JDBC query code.
  • The StorageSystem object class has been completed end-to-end.
  • Martine is working on extending support of lower-level JDBC code to include StoragePools, Disks, Volume, Hosts. He will complete the StoragePool and StoragePool-to-StorageSystem relationship objects first.
  • Bill is working on adding more CMDBf query capabilities (constraints, etc.) to the StorageSystem case with an eye to leverage that code for other objects as they become available.
  • Action Items
    • Martine to draw UML instance diagram showing the relationships between StorageSystem, StoragePool and Volumes and how they're represented within CMDBf.
    • Martine to work on StoragePool relationships code (and send it to Bill).
    • Bill to work on fleshing out query interface to allow finer-grained constraint-type queries in CMDBf.


  • Participants
  • Jack Devine
  • Duane Baldwin
  • Martine Wedlake
  • Spent some time talking about creating the prototype. Jack believes there is a good connection between the Aperi and COSMOS in this effort, especially toward creating a prototype.
  • Jack will ask Bill Muldoon work with Martine to help build MDRs (work together on this). Bill is writing a developers guide for COSMOS and will use this experience to help write it -- Aperi gets an MDR, COSMOS gets a real-world MDR example and a developers guide, all together.


  • We discussed the overall strategy for CMDB and integration with CMDBf. In general, it does seem that it's a good idea to work with CMDBf to help define the standard.
  • We also discussed the prototype work started by Martine to deploy the Aperi database as a CMDBf MDR (Management Data Repository) and integrate it into the COSMOS query tool. We're looking for help to push the prototype further as it has been difficult for Martine to find time to work on it. If you're interested in helping, please send a note to
  • We also discussed a vision of deploying the CMDB to help establish context around a Launch In Context (LIC) operation. The basic idea is that the CMDB contains data services for extracting information about the entire system that can be accessed from multiple points; we can leverage these services to do an in-context hand off between the launch-er and launch-ee. This would allow the launch-ee to provide operational/semantic launch capability instead of just a user-interface launch. Clearly the idea needs to be fleshed out some more; and is a much longer-term view, but is something to consider.

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