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Unofficial Planning Document
This is an unofficial document used by the Ant team to help with the planning process. Items on this list are not guaranteed to be found in a release.

Planned Items

Glass.gif Stay current with new releases of Apache Ant (00000)


Dates are listed in the Eclipse Platform Releng Calendar (view as iCal). Note that some work items will take longer than one milestone to complete. Plan items are listed in the milestone when work is intended to start on the item.

M1 - August

Progress.gif Create 3.8 Plan

M2 - September

Glass.gif Prepare 3.7.1 Fixes

M3 - October

M4 - December

M5 - January

Glass.gif Prepare 3.7.2 Fixes

M6 - March (API Freeze)

M7 - April (Feature Freeze)

Glass.gif Bug fixing

Glass.gif Polish

Glass.gif Performance

RC Builds

Glass.gif Bug fixing

Glass.gif Clean up website and wiki

Glass.gif Update Copyrights

Glass.gif Check for Broken NLS

Glass.gif Doc Pass

Glass.gif Retrospective

Unplanned Items

This section will list items that we are interested in completing during 3.8 but have not been scheduled.

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