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Agent Controller on MAC OS

This page is intended to document the process of Agent Controller (AC) on MAC OS X support.

TPTP Bug 68111 has been opened to track the process of AC development for MAC OX Support. This page is created to help users and developers to understand the status of the development, also as a center place for AC developers for resources on the development.

[HELP WANTED] The development of MAC OX support depends largely on community contribution to move forward. A copy of the latest build is made available on this page to help interested party to start the development process. Technical discussion and questions can be raised and will be answered in TPTP Bug 68111.


Agent Controller for MAC OS X [Download]

 Note: This is not a fully function Agent Controller for MAC OS X and it is provided AS-IS. It was built based on the latest CVS code base and it is made available for evaluation and development purpose.

Partially Ported
It builds and runs, some functionality is working.
Not Yet Ported

Not Yet Ported

Not Yet Ported

HowTo : Building AC on MAC OS X

Environment configuration script [Download] (Right-click to Save)

The script above requires update on the first three environment varilables to fit the development environmet:


[To be completed]


[To Be Completed]

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