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A Online Judge/Assignment Grading System for IDE4EDU


  • Project Title: Online Judge/Assignment Grading System for IDE4EDU
  • Mentor: Wayne Beaton
  • Student: Souvik Roy


The primary motive of IDE4EDU is streamlining the existing Eclipse IDE, to make it easier for the first time users and students to understand. Students in colleges primarily use eclipse to do assignments. This project will add an "Assignment Workflow Mechanism" to the JavaLite environment. Students can download assignments uploaded by their professors, finish it and send it back to their professors for grading. All these are done from the Eclipse workspace itself, the professor and students being connected to a network. This is the basic goal of the project. Also other improvements will be added to this basic mechanism. There already has been a lot of talk regarding a separate reference tab, reported under the Bug #250659. The Bug fix would enable an easy access to the details of the assignment right from the workspace. This environment would be simply perfect for students in University, in any year. Scope for other improvements are listed in the later sections.


Phase Plans Deadline Status
Phase 1 Design of the Basic Architecture and Assignment structure 25th May,2009 Done
Phase 1 Implementing Basic Wizards for Creation of New assignments 2nd June,2009 Done
Phase 1 Basic Authentication with Moodle server 10th June, 2009 Done
Phase 1 Implementation of Professor's Interface 15th June, 2009 Done
Phase 1 Implementation of Student's Interface 20th June, 2009 Done
Phase 1 Implementation of Testing Feature with Junit Test cases 23rd June,2009 Done
Phase 2 Adding a separate Reference Tab to view assignment details and notes 1st July, 2009 Done
Phase 2 Assignment Editor 5th July, 2009 Done
Phase 2 Adding Rich Text Support to the editor 15th July Done
Phase 2 Bug Fixing phase1 20th July Done
Phase 2 Leveraging Server Support 30th July Done
Phase 2 Bug Fixing and Testing Phase 2 5th August Done
Phase 2 Documentation 10th August In progress
Phase 2 Test Suites 14th August In progress


  • Update: Initial code has been committed. Check out the sources at the SVN Repo @ [[1]]
  • Update: Assignment Editor has been created, and source and the initial binaries of the project uploaded.
  • Update: The editor can handle Rich Text now. A lot of other Bug fixes and Improvements on the code. Plugin uploaded @ [[2]]

Future Improvements

  • Adding a chat environment to chat with the professor for help
  • Online Library Support

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