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ATL 2.0.0 New and Noteworthy

Ganymede Release

The ATL Toolkit is now compatible with Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4, EMF 2.4). ATL is still compatible with Eclipse 3.3 and 3.2.

Content assist

To make model elements completion available, you have to put some information on the top of the file :

  • -- @nsURI : the nsURI for a given metamodel, if you want to load a metamodel from the EMF registry,
  • -- @path : the path of a given metamodel, if you want to dynamically load a metamodel from an ecore file.

Only EMF metamodels are supported. You must specify the relative path of the file into the workspace.

Here is the top of an UML2AnyMM transformation :

-- @path AnyMM=/AnyProject/AnyFolder/AnyMM.ecore
-- @nsURI UML=

module Class2Relational;
create OUT : AnyMM from IN : UML;

-- ...transformation helpers and rules

Completion is triggered with the Ctrl + space keys, or when typing a space in a context where some content assist is available.

ATL content assist.JPG

EMFVM integration

A new ATL VM dedicated to EMF has been included in this release, which strongly increase performances. There is still missing features, so there is a page for watch and report developments around the EMFVM : EMFVM testing. This page show the results of the new ATL regression test, which checks the validity of old transformation by reusing the ATL Transformation Zoo. The resulting models are compared using EMFCompare. Non regression is evaluated for parsing, compilation, execution.

ANTLR 3.0 support

The ATL Toolkit is now using ANTLR 3.0. ANTLR 3.0 Runtime has been approved by Eclipse Foundation (see IPzilla CQ 1548, in which this was approved). ANTLR 2.X dependency has been removed and ANTLR 3.0 is externalized in a plugin, installed from an Orbit package. From user point of view, this simplifies ATL installation.

Previous New and Noteworthy

This page shows the ATL improvements when ATL was included in Eclipse as a M2M component.

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