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This page contains the list of manual tests for ATF 0.3 based on Galileo.

1. open Web Browser perspective

Browser perspective contains:

  • DOM inspector view on left,
  • Browser Console, Request Monitor, DOM Source, CSS, JavaScript, DOM Watcher on bottom
  • "Open URL" option on toolbar

2. Open URL pressing "Open URL" on toolbar, type URL ""

  • DOM inspector initializes it contents on page load.
  • Provides tree view of loaded page DOM elements
  • Click on element in DOM highlights it in browser with red frame
  • DOM inspector shows attributes Attributes are fully editable
  • DOM inspector contains Search of three types: Name, ID, Class
  • Select element using selection button in top left browser corner. On linux Ctrl+Click, COmmand+Click on Mac
  • Selection element in browser updates DOM inspector Dom inspector attributes change accordingly to selected element.
  • At the bottom see DOM source view.
  • DOM source view changes accordingly to selection.
  • Edit source and press "Refresh source" updates source view
  • Press validate to validate
  • Press Update updates DOM model in memory and Browser view
  • DOM inspector has Compare Node, Evalutate node, Add CSS Snippet, Compare Node, Copy Node, Copy Node with CSS, Paste Node, Cut Node, Delete Node

2. Open Run -> Run Configurations

  • Create new Mozilla Application
  • Set it's name to ""
  • Choose URL option and type URL ""
  • Press Run
  • In Web Perspective all views show the Browsed page content

3. Open Run -> Debug Configurations

  • Choose Mozilla Application
  • Set "Use launch specific options"
  • Set "Suspend at start", "Suspend on debugger keyword", "Suspend on error", "Suspend on exception"
  • Press Debug - Note that Debug perspective opens and Debugger stops at first javascript load
  • Press "Run" in Debug view to let it continue load pages
  • Note that loaded script files are listed in "Scripts" view
  • Pressing on any element in "Scripts" view loads it's contents
  • Put breakpoints in JS file
    • possible in default Text Editor
    • possible in WTP JS editor
  • Put breakpoints in HTML file. Try for file ending with .html and .htm
    • possible in default Text Editor
    • possible in WTP HTML Editor
  • Stepping thru JS code

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