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Getting the Code

The source can be gotten from atf-additions or eclipse-incub.


  1. Integate a IE debug enviroment in ATF.
  2. Refactor ATF Code to support multiple browsers

Some Plans from Li

  1. ACTF has made a good wrapper of IE, we can take use of this. (Good suggestion from mentor.)
  2. Integrate the IE wrapper into ATF framework, at least we can run application in the IE mode.
  3. From experience of XPCOM,we'd better to utilize the Active script debug interfaces of Microsoft.
  4. Try to include what has finished in step 3 into ATF debug mode.


  1. How to integrate debug UI and debug core logic together?


  1. Read code of ATF and ACTF(Finished)
  2. Investigate on debug engine of IE(Finished)

  1. Integrate IE wrapper of ACTF into our project(On progress)
  2. Add run mode of IE in our code.(Plan)
  3. Write wrappers of Active script interfaces.(Plan)
  4. Integrate IE debugger using the finished debug wrapper.(Plan)
  5. Support choice of mutiple browser and preferences.(Plan)


  1. ATF:
  2. ACTF:
  3. Active Script Debugger Interfaces:
  4. Customize Active Script Debugger Interface:

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