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Xhrmon.gif Request Monitor

The Request Monitor view is used to observe request/response information for HTTP calls. The view is linked to a particular Mozilla Browser Editor instance, so that only the requests originating from a particular web application are visible.

The view displays all calls in a table and supports sorting based on status, URL, method, and timing information. Double-clicking on a row will show the details (headers and body) of the request and response portions of the call.

The view also provides the following toolbar buttons:

  • Xhrmon collapse.gif - Shows/Hides details of the selected call.
  • Xhrmon scrolllock.gif - Maintains the selected call in view.
  • Xhrmon clear.gif - Clears all calls from the monitor view.

Formatting is available for the response body of a selected call for the following content-types:

  • JSON
  • CSS

To open the view:

  • Go to Windows menu.
  • Select Show View and Other... to open the Show View dialog.
  • Under the Mozilla category, select Request Monitor.

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