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Inspector.gif DOM Inspector

The DOM Inspector View shows the DOM tree rendered by the Embedded Mozilla Browser that is currently active. It is live, meaning that it will dynamically change to reflect changes within the browser. (Note: The content of the DOM Inspector is not necessarily the same as the source HTML document)

The view allows you to select an Element within the DOM tree, and if it is a visible element in the Document, the corresponding Browser will flash a red box around the rendered representation. Once an element is selected, the attributes of that node are displayed and can be edited, added to, and removed.

A breadcrumb trail of hyperlinks is created for the node's path upon selection. Clicking a hyperlink in the node's path will change the selection to that node and update the path.

To open the view:

  • Go to Windows menu.
  • Select Show View and Other... to open the Show View dialog.
  • Under the Mozilla category, select DOM Inspector.

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