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Jsconsole.gif Browser Console

The Browser Console View shows all browser (i.e JavaScript, CSS) errors, warnings, and logging messages that occur at runtime. This view is currently tied to all instances of the Embedded Mozilla Browser (it is a singleton), so regardless of whether the Browser is active (in view) or not, messages will show in the view.

The user can double click on a console message inside the view. If the message originated from a source file that is available within an Eclipse project in the workspace, an editor will reveal the corresponding line of code. If the message originated from a remote file, a read-only editor will open for the file specified by the URL.

The view also provides the following toolbar buttons:

  • Atferror.gif Errors - Show only messages of error type.
  • Warning.gif Warnings - Show only messages of warning type.
  • Info.gif Info - Show only messages of message type.
  • Note: Deselecting the filter buttons will show all messages in the console
  • Clear.gif Clear - Clears the console.

To open the view:

  • Go to Windows menu.
  • Select Show View and Other... to open the Show View dialog.
  • Under the Mozilla category, select JavaScript Console.

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