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AMW Examples HowTo

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Multiple source patterns

Many AMW examples use ATL matching transformations with multiple source patterns, i.e., ATL rules that match more than one element. This feature needs the ATL 2006 compiler. The ATL 2006 page explains how to update your sources with this version, and how to select the correct compiler.

Installation from the sources

Check out the usual ATL sources from the CVS. Check out the "org.eclipse.gmt.atl.atl2006" project.

After the checkout, be sure the ATL transformation was recompiled. To do that, just modify and save the .atl file.

Use Cases HowTos

The AMW examples are being improved in the form of use cases. The Use Cases page contains a general overview and a HowTo for every example.

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AMW Examples

AMW Use Cases

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