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AJAX Working Group

This is the main Ajax Working Group WIKI Page.

This page will be extended and organized after our first in person meeting.

Meeting Proposal

Monday, March 5th, 10am-Noon at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the Lafayette Room (coincedent with EclipseCon). Conveniently, the Annual General Eclipse Foundation Members Meeting will be that afternoon.

Agenda Items

Please add any agenda items you may have here.

  • Discuss working group goal/mission and general activity areas that members are interested in;
  • Plan Eclipse' strategy regarding Open Ajax Alliance
  • Ideas to improve marketing Eclipse Ajax Ecosystem on
    • For example, recommending we create a "Pillar" page similar to the Embedded Pillar
  • Planning a tentative Ajax Plug-Fest
  • Approve/elect chair

Chair Nominations

Please add any nominations you have to chair the Ajax working group through to EclipseCon 2008 here. It is suggested there be two co-chairs to start off.

  • Coach Wei, Nexaweb
  • Donald Smith, Eclipse Foundation

Planning to Attend

Organizations planning to attend the Ajax Working group so far include Adobe, Eclipse Foundation, IBM, Innoopract, Intel, Nexaweb.

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