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2018 Polarsys Goals and Plan

2018 Goals and Plan

  • Establish Polarsys release train
    • Person responsible: Benoit Langlois
    • Success factors
      • Identification of the produced packages
      • Assuming roles of the release manager: 1) planning, 2) technical follow-up
      • Promotion with a communication channel
  • Insure a mid term support of Polarsys solutions
    • Person responsible: Benoit Langlois
    • Success factors
      • Share maintenance versions of frameworks across several solutions
  • Make some improvements in existing common frameworks
    • Person responsible: Etienne Juliot
    • Success factors
      • Insure a good vitality in term of support and new features in Eclipse Modeling kernel (EMF Core, EMF Transaction, GMF Runtime, ...)
      • Add some improvements in Eclipse Platform
      • Add some improvements in common projects used for CI, testing, documentation
      • Solve a part of the Tragedy of the Commons of Polarsys projects
  • Provide end user facilities and infrastructure for products management and co-funding
  • Create a modeling stack of frameworks for cloud and web modeling
  • Provide quality assessment kit
    • Person responsible: Benoit Langlois
    • Success factors
      • Evaluate the maturity of each solution (reboot of maturity assessment)
      • Alignment with TRL

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