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2017 Polarsys Vision/Mission and Goals

At its meeting on November 27th, the Polarsys Steering Committee approved an updated Vision/Mission and Goals (see below).


  • WHY is it needed
    • With the ever increasing complexity of software products and the need to deliver customized solutions faster (on demand), organizations developing software-based systems need access to development solutions they can freely evolved as their capacity to innovate is directly dependent on the development solutions they use
    • Organizations need to share solutions with partners in many different contexts (i.e. collaboration projects, standardization, collaboration with suppliers, etc) and the use proprietary solutions often represent a main issue for a number reasons
    • In this context, there is a need for the establishment of a complete open source solution (as an alternative to the existing proprietary solutions) to provide organizations developing software-based systems the development and business agility they need to succeed in the new economy
  • WHAT it does
    • Provide open source development solutions for Software and System Engineering as an alternative to existing solutions
    • Polarsys focuses on the product management of end-user solutions
  • WHO it does it for
    • For companies developing software-based systems in domains ranging from Embedded Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and Internet of Things (IoT), to enterprise applications
  • HOW it does what it does
    • By fostering the establishment of a vibrant ecosystem composed of end-users, suppliers, and research/academia
    • By providing services and infrastructure required to support the product management and development of end-user driven solutions for different domains


  • Establish Polarsys as a federation of complementary solutions
  • Industrial product management of open source solutions
    • Provide expertise and infrastructure for the establishment of consortiums and solution management committees
    • Provide the required support (infrastructure and process) for the product management and development of industrial-grade open source solutions to ensure long-term evolution/availability
    • Provide the required support for the management of members' requirements and priorities
    • Provide the required service to enable the joint financing of development activities
    • Provide the required support for the establishment of an industrial QA/Testing process to improve the quality of the Polarsys solutions
  • Definition and management of the different Polarsys solutions as a coherent ecosystem
    • Identify the gaps in existing open source development solutions and define strategy to address them
    • Define and manage the set of Polarsys solutions as a coherent ecosystem
  • Marketing
    • Promote Polarsys as the leading ecosystem for software and system open source solutions
    • Provide marketing services for the different Polarsys solutions
    • Promote the adoption of the Polarsys solutions both in the industry and in research/academia
    • Promote the different commercial offerings provided by Polarsys members
  • User-driven Community
    • Ensure the establishment of a vibrant user-driven community composed of end-users, suppliers, and research/academia
    • Actively promote Polarsys in different targeted application domains
    • Provide an overall collaboration framework to foster fruitful collaborations between Polarsys members
    • Share development knowledge and best practices between members
  • Open Innovations
    • Establish overall collaborative environment between members to foster innovations
    • Create a market place to facilitate technology transfer and promote broad adoption
  • Research
    • Establish Polarsys solutions as core technologies/platforms for research in the different aspects of software and system engineering
    • Attract lead researchers to use Polarsys solutions as a focal point of their research
    • Establish overall context to increase research collaboration between end-users, suppliers, and researchers
  • Education
    • Establish Polarsys solutions as leading solutions for education in the different aspects of software and system engineering
    • Contribute to the improvement of training/education in software and system engineering by establishing direct collaborations between industry and academia

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