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20170314 Rover Project Meeting

Meeting Information

Date: 2017-03-14 10:00 (EDT) / 16:00 (CEST)

Type: Telephone conference


Name Company
Gaël Blondelle Eclipse Foundation
Francis Bordeleau
Nicolas Hilli Queen's University
Ernesto Posse Zeligsoft
Antonio Garcia-Dominguez Aston University
Ralf Ellner DevelopGroup
Juergen Dingel Queen's univ
Antonio Garcia Dominguez Aston University
Angelika Wittek Freelance


  • Roundtable to describe different efforts
  • Status about the PolarSys Rover project
    • Discuss a short term plan to contribute the code and move the development to the Eclipse infrastructure
  • Discuss a project plan from now to june



Ralf Ellner

  • Interest in education. Each year a small group of students uses the Rover and develops new featers.
  • This year: augmented reality headset to track the Rover...
  • Interest in variability

Juergen Dingel

  • Workshop proposal at Models 2017 about MDE tools.
  • Not a competition, but show how to prepare and evaluate tools based on the same use case.
  • Inspired by a similar challenge workshop at Models with the transformation tool

Ernesto Posse

  • Chair of the Papyrus IC Research and Academia committee
  • Two directions: one for Education and one for Research
  • Published a form where people can apply for rovers at the Papyrus IC
    • 8 applications and decision to distribute 5 rovers. 3 already distributed.

Antonio Dominguez

  • Use the rover to attract more students to the side of MDE in general
  • A colleague opened a robotics club and the Rover could be an interesting application

Angelika Wittek

  • Test the Rover and help the EFE team
  • Add more sensors, but issue if you want to power much more sensors with the same I2C
  • Funny experiments

Gael Blondelle

  • Need to enable demos of PolarSys tools (solutions) as well as for research projects (Amalthea4Public, Basys, AMASS, ...)
  • See this presentation.

Nicolas Hili

See this presentation.

Short term plan

  • Contribute the code and move the development to the Eclipse infrastructure
  • Consolidate the models
  • Find a place for training material and research prototypes
  • Organize the Rover session at the unconference

Next meeting

No next meeting planned for the moment. Opportunity to organize another telco will be discussed on the mailing list.

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