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20160610 Rover Unconf FR2016


  • Pierre Gaufillet (IRT Saint-Exupéry)
  • Jean-Marie Gauthier (Samarès/IRT Saint-Exupéry)
  • Sébastien Dubé (ESI Group/IRT Saint-Exupéry)
  • Jean-François Rolland (ATOS)
  • Tristan Faure (ATOS)
  • Shui Li (CEA LIST)
  • Ralf Ellner (Develop Group)
  • Charles Rivet (Zeligsoft) - Morning only
  • Xavier Plavis (Airbus DS) - Morning only

Todo List

  • Publish the MVP (Minimal Viable Product)
    • HW it (BOM)
    • SDK
      • C/C++
      • Java
  • Comunication
    • Send an email to the PolarSys mailing list in order to ask people to join the rover mailing list to participate
      • Add info about the preparation of the initial contribution
    • Check that each initial contributor is subscribed to the mailing list
  • Prepare the initial contribution:
    • Start a github repo to prepare initial contribution content
    • C/C++ code - Gaël Blondelle
    • Java code - Ralf Ellner
    • Papyrus SysML models - Ralf Ellner
    • Papyrus RT model - Chalres Rivet
    • Yocto distribution - Francis Giraldeau
    • Docs - Everybody
  • Organize the repo
    • Discuss repo organization on the mailing list
    • Pierre Gaufillet explained how IRT organizes a repo with several variants of their own rover
  • Reorganize wiki pages
  • Publish first version of the project website
    • Initial tutorial to setup and test the BOM

Future work

Establish agreement with online HW retailers

  • in Europe: Distribution agreement being defined with Snootlab
  • in Canada
  • in the US

Presentation of existing work by Develop Group (Ralf Ellner)

For students: Project about variability (master thesis) student tries to automatically calculate variants from sysML models.

  • sysML model of the rover (includes 3 ecisting variants)
  • You can calculate a SysML model that fits the global model after the implementation choice are made

== Proposals for participation to the project

  • Develop Group
    • Contribute code for Pi4J, ...
    • mobile app to control the rover: HTML… (web server on the rover including camera stream).
  • Atos: Help using Gendoc and Reqcycle.
    • Gendoc templates for Papyrus and Capella
    • Provide example for traceability with Reqcycle

Discussion about the initial contribution

Discussion with Wayne BEaton:

  • Exempted Pre-req: WiringPi (LGPL) needs an exemption from the executive director
  • Pi4J is a regular prereq: , Pi4J (license is not compatible, …)
  • Papyrus RT model - just move them (no trouble in terms of process)

Potential future work

Future events:

  • Participate to the IoT playgrond at ECE
  • Launch a contest at Models and announce the results at EclipseCon France next year

Ideas from IRT Saint-Exupéry:

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