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2013-06-25 Steering Committee Minutes


  • Pierre GAUFILLET
  • Xavier PLAVIS
  • Etienne JULIOT
  • Dominique TOUPIN
  • Benoît LANGLOIS


  • Which package?
    • A lot of contributions need to be packaged for different purposes
    • Start with a minimal package & download additional components?
    • Idea to determine compatible components
      • Define component compatibilities
      • Web site to define package requirements
        • Creates the binary on demand
  • A package is not only a technical asset
    • Also communication aspects
    • Marketing towards the Topcased community
  • Generic or custom packaging
    • For industrial deployment, members rebuild their own package
    • Usage of public package is for R&D only
    • Building this package internally or on a private Polarsys infra
  • Idea for various packages
    • Polarsys IDE 1.0
      • Polarsys SDK
      • Polarsys for System Architect
      • Polarsys for Realtime Embedded Software

Status about 3P

  • 3P project provisioned
  • Initial code uploaded
  • Hudson job setup

Roadmap Infra et services

  • Polarsys branding on all services
  • Follow "community" link on to access Polarsys infra

Polarsys and Steering Committee life


  • According to charter, elections at SC occur each April.
  • Seats will be renewed in April 2014
  • Pierre Gaufillet reelected as PolarSys Chairman at the unanimity
  • Organization of new elections for participating members at the SC
    • Start in July

General assembly

  • Steering committee decided to organize a General Assembly on October 28th, the day before ECE

Polarsys community management

  • Plan monthly presentations
    • Ideas of topics
      • Present material for SAE Aerotech
      • Explain how to make a new proposal
      • Present PolarSys roadmap
      • Industrial use case
    • Create a survey to get members requirements
  • Communication with the Steering Committee
    • Preparation phone call between Participating members before Steering Committees
    • Report phone call after the Steering Committee
  • Consolidate roadmap and topics of interest
    • One page per topic on the wiki


  • 2013
    • Polarsys booth is organized at SAE Aerotech 2013 in Montreal
  • 2014 conference to follow up
    • OMG Workshop
      • March 2014
    • Embedded world conference
      • February 2014
    • Design West
      • March 2014
    • Incose
      • January 2014
    • AVSI
    • SAE
    • SEI

Projects status

  • Chess: still to be published
  • Polychrony: ongoing - wait for creation review
  • Arcon: ongoing - need an additional mentor

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