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20071128 IGF teleconf notes

notes from 20071128 teleconf meeting.
On call:
Duane Buss
Jim Sermersheim
Phil Hunt
Tom Doman

  • Talked about the way contexts are configured and discovered.
    • It would be good if there was a more dynamic way than hand-writing XRDS documents
      • Do a dynamic config/registry example (Jim will do)
  • Need dynamic discovery of what can go into a configuration
  • An IGF identity stack could consist of a stub that uses Apache license
    • Can use Higgins or other stack to provide services to that stub
  • Reviewed
    • From an application's POV, all data looks the same whether pushed (i.e. incoming token), or pulled (i.e. backend data source)
    • Application Services stack could be used like a security provider and shared across different applications
    • Talked about providers that can join other providers
    • Phil is thinking everything from Caching & Optimization down from could be done in Higgins.
    • Tom: What does the Caching & Optimization layer do?
      • Can analyze incoming operations (like CARML statements) and do things like prefetch (which may consist of multiple underlying operations) data and store it in mem.
    • Routing layer can handle things that the existing IdAS registry does, but can also deal with mapping -- though maybe that should be done by a mapping provider?
    • Jim: when are the CARML statements passed?
      • There can be a CARML declaration passed at a preconfig time, can be sent as a separate file up front which can be reviewed by an auditor,
        • Up front stuff can declare what the client app expects to do/see in terms of operations, schema, etc.
        • Could also have CARML declarations associated with a transaction (like NewUserRegistration)
    • AAPML data can be returned to express things like:
      • Partial data was returned, and here's why
      • Data exists, but consent is needed before it's released
  • Talked about how IdAS can be extended to handle the passing of CARML and AAPML policy data
    • Revive thread on API extensibility (Jim will do)
  • Fix jspolicy cp so it will compile (Jim, Tom, or Duane will do)

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