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WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-01-18


Announcements and Reminders

  • Announcements:
Jochen Krause and Tim Wagner resigning from WTP PMC.
Raghu is hosting a JSF Webinar.
  • Conferences:
EclipseCon2007 deadline extended (Jan 31) for short talk and demo submissions. BEA is offering two 100 dollar awards to two lucky WTP submissions.
EclipseWorld2007, 11/6/2007-11/8/2007 in Reston, VA. The deadline for abstracts is 4/17/2007.
  • Reminder:
Nominations are open until January 22 for the Eclipse community awards.

WTP 1.5.3

  • Due: 2007-02-16
1/26 - WTP PMC review and approval will begin for any changes.
2/2 - Release candidates available for testing.
2/5-2/9 - Test and Defect Verifications - No more changes after 2/9.
2/12 - Zips and update site files ready to start the mirror process.
2/16 - Join Callisto Winter Maintenance Release availability.
We will be declaring a 1.5.3M build this week, so please smoke test and report results using the latest 1.5.3 M build.
Releng JUnit versioning error?
  • Smoke Test Scenarios
Data Tools and JSF - Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link here.
  • Bug lists
Resolved, Unverified (~332)
Verified, Not closed (~16)
1.5.3 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
1.5.3 Hot Bugs (~2)
Blockers, Criticals (~1)
Remaining 1.5.3 Targeted Defects (~40)
Total Defects Fixed for WTP 1.5.3 (~81)

Bug Graphs

More detailed graphs to come, I have added some detailed queries for bugzilla to start tracking for us...
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs
WTP Defect Backlog

WTP 2.0

Builds have returned to using JRE 1.4 as the default JRE.
We will be declaring a M5 I Build this week, so please smoke test the latest integration build and update the wiki.
  • M5 Plan - Recall M5 will be the build used at EclipseCon!
January 2007 - February 2007
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
M5 Development
M5 Development
M5 Development
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
M5 Development
M5 Development
M5 Development
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
M5 Development
M5 Development
M5 Development
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Platform M5
M5 Development
Start component lead change approval
M5 Development
M5 Development
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Write tests and produce FVT driver
FVT and Compatibility Tests
Defect Verifications
Mustfix defects
Defect Verifications
Mustfix defects
Defect Verifications
Status Call
Thumbs Up Test
Declare WTP 2.0 M5

  • Remaining Europa Timeline
January 2007 - February 2007
Platform +1 WTP
M5 Feb 09 Feb 16 Feb 23
M6 - API Freeze Mar 23 Mar 30 Apr 06
M7 - RC0 May 04 May 11 May 18
RCX Jun 15  ?  ?
Europa Jun 29 Jun 29 Jun 29

  • Smoke Test Scenarios
Data Tools, JSF, ATF - Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link here.
  • Compatibility Tests for WTP 1.5 <--> WTP 2.0
Information on what to test and how to publish your compatibility test plans can be found here.
Only web services has entered this information, so we will start collecting status from each component next week.
A JUnit test is fine, but please explain what the JUnit does. These tests only need to be run during milestion test passes.

  • Usage Reports and Declared Build Tests
Thanks to Rob F for contributing these reports for BEA. These numbers are added to the published numbers on the web.
We have a lot of extension points which are not used at all, and many which are just used once. We should investigate these.
  • Actively working on enabling the API, breakage, and test coverage tests. We will publish these results with every weekly declared build. You can these test results for 2.0 M4 on the declared builds page. (There is an issue with the adopter breakage report results, however the breakage utility for use in your eclipse development workbench is working.)
  • Performance tests will be the next line item. Goal is end of M5.
  • Bug lists
Untriaged (~38) Good progress, but still too many.
Resolved, Unverified (~170)
Resolved, Remind or Later (~37)
Verified, Not closed (~23)
2.0 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
2.0 Hot Bugs (~0)
Blockers, Criticals (~1)
Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (~173)
Total Defects Fixed for WTP 2.0 (~104)

Working Groups

  • Java EE 5 Update
There is a wiki page established for people to follow along.
Chuck - ?
  • Axis2 - Kathy - ?
There is a wiki page for the Axis2 integration effort.
  • Website Update - Bob F - ?

Other business?

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Common Component Team
Server Component Team
  • WTP 1.5.3 - Fixed a couple bugs this week, only one remaining for generic servers.
  • WTP 2.0
    • Available in this week's I-build:
      • Initial Tomcat v6 support
      • Downloadable server adapter support is now dynamic and searches the remote update manager sites for the latest adapters
Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)
XML/JSP Component Team
  • WTP 1.5.3 - Fixing bugs and ongoing triage of bugs into and out of the release.
    • No response on supplied patch yet on Hot bug #166421
    • Patches for bugs 163987 and 139092 are under review
  • WTP 2.0 - Ongoing triaging for inclusion in plan.
  • EclipseCon 2007
  • EclipseWorld 2007
    • Nothing decided
Web Services Component Team
Java EE Component Team
  • WTP 1.5.3 - Fixing bugs - list down to 4, and 2 have reviewed patches ready to go.
  • WTP 2.0 - Ongoing triaging for inclusion in plan. - Focussed on 1.5.3 this week, no change....
  • EclipseCon 2007
Dali JPA
  • EclipseCon - Demo session submitted, Short Tutorial previously accepted
  • JPA Core model consolidation/refactoring complete this week
  • Defaults processing, Valiation, and Entity generation work in progress and scheduled for next week
  • Investigating running and publishing the automated test coverage reports
  • Investigating running Performance and API tests

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