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WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-01-04

Announcements and Reminders
WTP 1.5.3
WTP 2.0
Other business?
Team Status and Focus


John L, David W, Raghu S, Kosta K, Tim W, Bob F, Dave C, Rob F, Chris B, Amy W, Tim D, Valentin B, Chuck B, Neil H, Larry D, Carl A

Announcements and Reminders
  • Conferences:
EclipseCon2007 open for short talk and demo (Jan 15) submissions.
The Call for Speakers has been extended for EclipseWorld2007, 11/6/2007-11/8/2007 in Reston, VA. The deadline for abstracts is 4/17/2007.
  • Reminder:
  • When you reject a hot bug request as a hot bug, change the summary to [hotbug_declined].
  • When requested, be sure to update the smoke test results status page.
  • Announcements:
  • Nominations are open for the Eclipse community awards.
  • BZ Media has recently completed their annual Eclipse survey of the SD Times readership.

WTP 1.5.3
  • Due: 2007-02-16
1/5 - Have accurate list of targetted defects for the Callisto Winter Maintenance Release
Late January - WTP PMC review and approval will begin for any changes going into 1.5.3
2/1 - Release candidates available for testing
2/12 - Zips and update site files ready to start the mirror process
2/16 - Callisto Winter Maintenance Release available
  • 1.5.3 Guidelines for fixes
  • We will be declaring a 1.5.3M build this week, so please smoke test and report results using the latest 1.5.3 M build.
  • Smoke Test Scenarios
Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link here.
  • Bug lists
Resolved, Unverified (~300)
Verified, Not closed (~1)
1.5.3 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
1.5.3 Hot Bugs (~2)
Blockers, Criticals (~1)
Remaining 1.5.3 Targeted Defects (~54)

WTP 2.0
  • Build Status
  • See David's note for detail, but we will declare M4 with our own patched JEM version for the January 4th Europa date.
  • Component teams should be sniff testing and verifying defect fixes on the final build and component leads should vote thumbs up or thumbs down for M4 by end of day Thursday.
  • Please perform two types of smoke tests:
  • Zip File Test - please use the build from 2.0M4 Thu, 4 Jan 2007 -- 01:46 (UTC) with all the exact pre-reqs listed there (note, no JEM required, as we are now including a patched version for our M4).
  • Update Site Test - install the Eclipse Base, and all the pre-reqs first (from zips), and with that as your starting IDE, define a new remote update site with a URL of
  • License file issue that prevents update manager from installing JPA SDK. Other JPA issue with property files may be passable for M4.
  • Java EE found an issue with JEM reflection and Java5.
  • Feedback from component teams is that the zip builds look okay, but seeing issues with update manager, xerces problem. Component teams will investigate known issues, finish sanity tests and send an email to wtp-releng by 5 pm EST with a thumbs up or thumbs down vote. We will make a call about a respin at that point if there are fixes in hand. If you do release a fix to the build, please also mention that to wtp-releng.
  • Just a reminder, be aware a Java5 JRE is required for WTP 2.0.
We will still declare M4 on time if we can't resolve the update manager issues and will investigate fixing for next week's mass Europa update site organizing.
  • M4 Shutdown Plans
January 2007
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
New Years!

Defect Verifications

Defect Verifications
Update JEM

Status Call
Sanity Tests
Declare WTP 2.0 M4

WTP 1.5.3M Build
On to M5 :)

Component Leads - Please update your test coverage plans for WTP 2.0 M4
Component Leads - Other remaining to do for M4 is the new and noteworthy section. Tim W to follow up with Pieter on creating a skeleton page with sections for each component to fill in.

  • Remaining Europa Timeline
Platform +1 WTP
M5 Feb 9 Feb 16 Feb 23
M6 - API Freeze Mar 23 Mar 30 Apr 6
M7 - RC0 May 4 May 11 May 18
RCX Jun 15  ?  ?
Europa June 29
  • Smoke Test Scenarios
Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link here.
  • Compatibility Tests for WTP 1.5 <--> WTP 2.0
Information on what to test and how to publish your compatibility test plans can be found here.
Only web services has entered this information, so we will start collecting status from each component next week.
A JUnit test is fine, but please explain what the JUnit does. These tests only need to be run during milestion test passes.
  • Performance and API Tests
Need to investigate re-enabling these tests for M5. We will publish these results with every weekly declared build.
  • Usage Reports
  • To ensure no one is using code they should not be using.
  • To prioritize which code you plan to make API.
Rob F to follow up for BEA to contribute these reports.
  • Stay tuned in M5 for automated test coverage report numbers based on using TPTP's line coverage analysis tools. Also investigating cross referencing the data from the usage reports to detail where test coverage must be improved.
  • Bug lists
Untriaged (~100) This is way too many, we will start collecting status next week.
Resolved, Unverified (~150)
Resolved, Remind or Later (~37)
Verified, Not closed (~1)
2.0 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
2.0 Hot Bugs (~0)
Blockers, Criticals (~3)

Other business?
  • Suggestion from Raghu - Use wiki to track and list any changes which go into the builds during shutdown phase.

  • Java EE 5 Update - Chuck?
There is a wiki page established for people to follow along.
There are some open emf2xml bugs and patchs were submitted including test suites, which are being investigated. SAP proposed a model extension framework and there is a lot of interest in the emf2xml framework being expanded for the increasingly complex schemas.

  • Website Update - Bob F - The WTP homepage and top level pages for sub projects will be checked in next week, so please take a look.

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Common Component Team
Server Component Team
WTP 1.5.3 - only one remaining bug, will be released this coming week
WTP 2.0 - working mainly on UI and usability enhancements, bug fixes
Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)
XML/JSP Component Team
Web Services Component Team
Java EE Component Team
Coming back from Holiday break
  • WTP 1.5.3 - Ongoing triage and bug fixing
  • WTP 2.0 -
    • Helped regenerate JEM model for 2.0 M4 build.
    • Ongoing triage of 2.0 bugs / M5 plan
    • JEE Facets to be contributed start of M5
    • Initial EMF Model for EE5 models to be contributed starting in M5
    • Ongoing Model extension discussions
Dali JPA
  • Dali 1.0 (WTP 2.0)
    • Problems still exist in the latest M4 build with missing property files, see bug 169321 for more details.
    • WTP 2.0 integration build issues have provided much more challenge than expected. Extra effort will be added to this task as necessary.
    • Project wide meetings will be held on Monday and Tuesday of next week at the Raleigh Oracle office. Call-in details are available on the mailing list.
  • Add versions 1.5.1,1.5.2,1.5.3 to the WTP bugzilla version options list when opening new bugs
  • Investigating running and publishing the automated test coverage reports
  • Investigating running Performance and API tests

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