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Requirements meeting minutes - April, 26 2006

Attending: Ted Bashor (BEA), Ludovic Champenois (Glassfish project), Nitin Dahyabhai (IBM), Jochen Krause (Innoopract) Phillippe Ombredanne (NexB), Shaun Smith (Oracle), Raghu Srinivasan (Oracle), Tim Wagner (BEA), Todd Williams (Genuitec)


  • discuss requirements for the next major release of Eclipse Web Tools (v2.0, due in June 2007)

Release 2.0 planning document

Document has been created by Tim Wagner and populated by Arthur Ryman with [requirements]


Requirements by Arthur Ryman

Encourage people to host their extensions to web services runtimes

Improved provisioning of 3rd party content

  • ship less 3rd party content, instead enable update sites
  • different release schedules usw.

Help - move to DITA

Adopt DTP (remove our own data tools)

  • architectural work -> require the parts that we need to be self-contained


  • work with them to understand their requirements

-> proactively contact STP project lead (tim)


  • launch servers in profiling mode

PHP project

  • apache server adapter


  • take that from the wiki
  • add wsi profile (ramp)


  • JPA, JSF
  • Jsr 175 code complementation, wizards, validation - shaun (there is a lot of complexity in this),

Jsr 88

  • support jmx
  • enable remote adapters

Requirements by Raghu

  • JSF will go to 1.2 (with the 1.0 release of

-> JSP need to go to 2.1

  • Integration of server side part of ejb3
    • Wizards
    • Models
  • Ejb3 is a replacement of ejb 2.1

Requirements by Ted

  • better support for legacy file system layouts (general

Requirements by Phillippe

  • js debug support

Requirements by Ludo

  • Binding to ejb
  • Jsr88 support would be a big plus
  • Web services support (the spec does not specify tooling, but this is needed by everyone)
  • axis is not 109 compliant, webtools should think about using the reference implementation

Note: Webtools has an extension point for integrating code generation engines for web services

Requirements by Todd

  • more spec compliance
  • code formatting
  • code folding

Requirements by Nitin

  • jsp 2.1

Next requirements meeting is planned for June 2006

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